You’re Still Drinking Soda?? Seriously?!

Yes, I have written about this before (Stop Drinking Soda).

For good reason: big gulp sodas are the root of all healthcare evil in this country!

And, we don’t just drink a little bit. On average, each American drinks 50 GALLONS of soda per year.

Yes. That’s five-zero – 50!! GALLONS!! Per year. Dang!

That would be ZERO for me, so some of you are drinking WAY more than that! Ugh!

There are HUGE risks associated with drinking soda pop!

Here are just a few known results of drinking soda pop:

  • Soda is the leading cause of childhood obesity in the United States
  • Is the #1 source of added sugar in the American diet
  • Can spike insulin levels.
    This increases your risk of Diabetes, and increases belly fat!
  • You get nothing for the weight gain, for the fat, for the increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

So, enough ranting.  For some of the effects of soda pop on your specific organs, be sure to check my previous post, Stop Drinking Soda!

Here is an awesome INFOGRAPHIC from that makes these points again:

soda ban


Infographic Credit:


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  1. Emilie Jerome says:

    HELP !! I’m a West Texas Mama that doesn’t know what to do for her baby? My daughter, Madison, is 7 years old and has Chronic Sinusitis . We have been dealing with this since about two years old. We are currently on Allergy Shots, Allegra 180 mg, Singulair 5mg, Zetonna Nose Spray plus Sudafed PRN. She is on her second set of tubes, adenoids out at the age of 3 and tonsils. She is on an antibiotic an average of every two weeks and currently on Levaquin. We just had a CT scan ran on her sinuses again today and looking at possible sinus surgery – done by Dr. Vikram Patel . She has had numerous labs drawn for immune system and are normal . Her allergist is now wanting to do Primary Ciliary Dyskensia and Neutrophil Oxidative Burst Assay- noted we have never had pneumonia . I don’t know what to do??? I just happened to find your site and hoping and praying for an answer.. I feel like we have been thrown to the wolves.

    • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

      Hi EJ,
      Frustrating struggles, and even more frustrating, I don’t have the answers. But I do have experience with a clinic full of similar children. The PCD is a good thought. But note that even if you do make that diagnosis, it does not change what you DO. That is, there is no cure for PCD; you simply continue managing the symptoms. I will say that PCD is difficult to definitively, positively diagnose. The confusion comes from the our reliance on LOOKING at the cilia – with phase-contrast microscopy and electron-microscopy – in order to see abnormalities and make the diagnosis. However: chronic inflammation or exposure to tobacco smoke or other pollutants will also cause those same ultrastructural changes to the cilia, causing us to make a “false positive” diagnosis. So, over the past 5 or 6 years, I have done very few cilia biopsies for diagnosis. Even when I was making the diagnosis that way, I was finding “PCD” in children who had never experienced the full “triad” of PCD: pneumonia/brnchitis, otitis/mastoiditis, and chronic rhinitis/sinusitis.
      Regardless, you must do everything possible to minimize the chronic inflammation in the lining of the nose and sinuses. Take a look at article on managing chronic rhino-sinusitis. Often chronic rhinitis and sinusitis are the result of bacteria that make “biofilm.” It can be very challenging to eliminate biofilm.
      Are you currently doing daily (I mean, every day) nasal saline rinses? And I mean RINSES, not just a little saline spray. This is job #1! It will make a difference in your daughter’s quality of life. Of course, your struggle to get her to do them might be a negative impact on YOUR quality of life :)
      Consider adding Xylitol to that daily saline rinse. Check out the article on this blog about Xylitol.
      Consider adding Manuka honey to that daily saline rinse. Check out the article on the benefits of honey as an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory here.
      Consider adding a high-quality probiotic to her daily regimen. Check out recent article on probiotics here.
      Let me know if you have questions after taking a look at some of these resources.
      Thank you for visiting, and for sharing!

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