So WHY Do You Have Rhinitis of Pregnancy?

Cause of Pregnancy Rhinitis

Why? It’s Those Pesky Hormones

Cause of Pregnancy Rhinitis: Hormones of Pregnancy Nasal Congestion During Pregnancy Rhinitis

Causes of Pregnancy Rhinitis

By dramatically increasing blood vessel growth, these surging hormone levels help prepare your placenta to supply nutrients to your growing fetus. They also affect the tiny blood vessels – the capillaries – in the nasal lining, causing engorgement.

The result?

Stuffy nose, nasal congestion, difficulty breathing through your nose.

In other words:

Rhinitis of Pregnancy.

That doesn’t mean that you have a “runny nose”, although that may be part of Rhinitis of Pregnancy. But it definitely means that you have a stuffy nose!

Nasal congestion.

These three major hormones of pregnancy – human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), protesterone, and the estrogens – affect each woman’s nose a little differently.

Some women seem to experience Rhinitis of Pregnancy in the first trimester during the surge of HCG. Other women seem to be fine during that phase, but suffer during the second or third trimester as progesterone and the estrogen levels climb.

There are even an unfortunate few who suffer (really suffer) from Rhinitis of Pregnancy during all three trimesters.

Swelling of the nasal lining can close off the openings to the sinuses. That can result in sinusitis.

Treating Sinusitis During Pregnancy is Challenging

You do NOT want to have sinusitis during pregnancy, due to the limitations of using medications during pregnancy.

Therefore, it is important that you do what you can to reduce the swelling from your Rhinitis of Pregnancy. 

Start here for managing your Rhinitis of Pregnancy, and avoid sinusitis.

Also keep a lookout for the Rhinitis of Pregnancy eBook, coming soon.

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