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Your beautiful children deserve wholesome organic food.
Thrive Market … Wholesome Products. Wholesale Prices.


It’s rare that I endorse specific products. Readers of this blog know that my family and I are huge fans of Amazon and Amazon-Prime…for both pricing and quality. And that’s why I list the products that we use on an “Amazon Store,” down on the right-hand column of this blog. But we recently joined Thrive Market Membership, and now we’re raving evangelists! Here are just a few reasons we LOVE Thrive...

7 Reasons to LOVE Thrive Market:

(1)  Organic Products

We try to feed our kids organic food when we can afford it. Our Thrive Membership helps us afford it! Thrive Market gives us access to thousands of natural, organic products. These include not only food brands that you already know and love, but also their own Thrive Market brand (and their brand is awesome! More below). They also carry great health and hygiene products that are without poisons and additives.

(2)  Pure Products

For an example of their own brand: Thrive Market’s Almond Butter.
It contains Just. One. Ingredient…Almond butter.
Novel concept! Almond butter without added oils; without added sugar; without added anything except almonds. It’s their own brand. And it’s Good Stuff!

(3)  Thrive Market Pricing

Like they say…”Wholesome Products, Wholesale Prices.” Thrive Market products – whether their own brand or other brands – cost less than our local Whole Paycheck market, even after factoring-in the cost of membership and shipping (and shipping is free for orders over $49 – our orders are always free shipping). Organic, healthy food is now more affordable.

(4)  Thrive’s Social Mission

They call it Thrive Gives, and it works like this: Thrive Market matches every paid membership with a free membership for a low-income American family. I LOVE this! Because those are the folks who need access to wholesome, organic, healthy foods the most – at a great price!

(5)  Committed to Sustainable

Thrive Market is dedicated to promoting sustainable products that are eco-friendly. That means the products themselves, but also their packaging, mailing boxes, and everything in between. Thrive Market works with those who share their values: other eco-conscious suppliers and vendors.

(6)  Carbon-Neutral

According to, Thrive Market is 100% carbon-neutral – what’s not to love about that!?

(7)  Supporting GMO-Labeling

GMO labeling is supported by Thrive Market, helping to keep vendors and suppliers honest about sourcing. The science regarding safety of GMO foods is still out, but I want to know what’s in my food…don’t you?

How the Thrive Membership-Thang Works

Membership, at the time of this writing, is less than $5 per week, at $59.95 for the whole year! Shipping is free for orders over $49. Considering that their everyday pricing is 25-50% off retail (seriously!), the membership pays for itself pretty quickly. Check it out! CLICK on the Pic Below!!

Thrive Market Membership

Does boogordoctor get a commission if you sign up using our affiliate link?
I sure hope so! The earnings from our affiliate links don’t pay the mortgage (with three kids, they don’t even pay our grocery bill), but they do help to support the cost of running this website – and we thank you for using our affiliate links!!

However you do it, do sign up for a Thrive Market Membership today, and start feeding your family healthy organic foods for the price of non-organic!

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