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Introducing Sacred Herbals to my community here at … I’m so grateful for my readership here, and for your support and feedback. So I want y’all to be the first to hear about a another project I have been working on with my friend, Al Collins. Both of us are “baby boomers” who are becoming painfully aware that we are no longer immortal teenagers. We can’t do as many push-ups. We don’t climb the stairs as fast as we once did. We forget things more often. We weigh a little more. And we worry about things like dementia and cancer and other negative features of advancing maturity.  We worry about things that were never even on our radar before.

Healthy or Hype?

What to do? I did what I always do when I want to learn about something: I went online. But there are so many  websites and products aimed at us ‘boomers now. And, unless you take the time to research the science and read the clinical trials behind the claims, it’s impossible to know what is healthy, and what is just hype.

Who can know?

Well, as a physician-scientist who spent three decades in academic medicine, doing research and running clinical trials, teaching at some great medical schools and running national laboratories … I can know. Or at least, I can find out!

I can do what I’ve done best my whole life: I can research the claims, and confirm (or refute) the evidence. And I can share what I learn with others.

It’s not too late to start treating your temple well.

As it turns out, we pay a price for the abuse that we put ourselves through when we’re younger. The earlier that we learn our bodies are our temples – the temples for our minds and souls – the better the outcome. Too soon old … too late smart. But it’s not too late to start treating your temple well.

So we built to do that: to review the best methods to optimize your health, and separate the healthy from the hype …

  • the so-called Superfoods, and provide the straight scoop based on evidence
  • the best methods to optimize your health
  • the best fitness methods for those with no time, and little motivation
  • the latest research on preventing dementia (including Alzheimer’s) and boosting memory & cognition

Our Journey to Optimal Health

It’s been quite an educational journey. Some things that I had dismissed as hype were actually true! And some things I accepted as dogma were not.

Along the way, we’ve learned a HUGE amount about green tea, about coffee, about fitness tricks, and various superfoods, as just a few examples.

And there are easy tricks that can actually make you smarter! Who knew? And I’ve always wanted to learn to meditate and reduce my stress levels; I finally learned to meditate. It’s awesome. I’ve increased my use of Yoga and meditation, and my overall fitness has never been better.

And that’s what this site is for: sharing what we’ve learned with our community. To help everyone learn how to treat our “temple” well. I’m proud to share what I’ve learned with you, and hope that y’all share your secrets for optimal health with me in comments over on !

So please come join us at

If you’re a baby boomer, or you simply want to learn about tips and shortcuts to optimize your health with the minimum of time and effort, sign up for updates from Sacred Herbals.

See you there!


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