Saline Sinus Rinse Poll Results

BIG THANKS to everyone who visited and participated, even the wise-guys!

I was impressed by the number of people who ARE doing regular sino-nasal saline rinses (or who are claiming to, anyway).

I expected most of the “yes” votes to be for sinusitis, but those doing saline rinses to manage symptoms of allergic rhinitis (23%) slightly exceeded those doing it for sinusitis (21%)!

There were 6% claiming to do saline rinses “because it’s so fun” – I assume they intended this in fun, just as I did when I included that as a check-box.

All together, the YES votes totaled 59% of those taking the poll.

The largest single group was the “No, but considering” group, at 38% of those taking the poll.

Honestly, I expected the “No, gross!” group to be larger.  Only 3% clicked that box.

Together, the “No” votes totaled 41%.

Saline Sinus Rinse Poll, May 2010

What can we conclude from this poll?

Well, to start with, it seems that majority of the readers of this blog have already discovered the wonders of saline sino-nasal rinses.

Excellent!  Keep it up, and it will help you avoid the boogor doctor, avoid sinus surgery.

For those of you still considering this remedy, and especially for those of you with children troubled by asthma, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS, or “nose pudding”), and even otitis (ear infections), do consider adding this remedy to your treatment regimen.

Only 6% of us are using this benign, natural remedy to relieve our children’s symptoms.

We can do better – this is a harmless and effective remedy.  Help reduce your child’s medications, or even eliminate them.  Give this remedy a try!

Chances are excellent that you will be able to reduce the burden of medications that your child is on.  It IS WORTH the effort.

Again, thank you all for visiting, for participating, and for helping to add value to our little community of boogor-heads.

See you here again.  I appreciate your comments and questions.  Keep ‘em coming.  Please, “be excellent to one another.”

Best of health and success to you and your families.

Until next time, remember … you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose (unless you’re a boogor doctor :~D)

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I promise to continue to work hard to help empower you with knowledge: to improve your health and the health of your children. RF


  1. Ethel Marrero says:

    If I had a quarter for every time I came here.. Superb article!

    • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

      Dear EM,
      Thank you for your kind comments. I am honored. Please continue to visit, and I will continue to work to add valuable content.

  2. My daughter was diagnosed with a sinus infection over two weeks ago. I have been doing the saline rinse with Manuka honey now since then, cut out dairy because of the mucus and I always give her veggies, fruits, raw food bars, etc. so she eats well. I guess she got it after a cold. I am also giving her herbal biotics and the zylitol spray in her nose. I had it cultured last wednesday and they said she has Moraxella Catrrhilis bacteria. I asked if I could continue with the rinses and probiotics (Bio-K), etc. to see if I can get rid of it myself. So I made another appt. for this coming Tuesday to get recultured. My question is why is it taking so long to go away and should I continue this and never take the antibiotics? What do you recommend?

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