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Manuka flower

Most Popular Topic: Rhinitis of Pregnancy (Stuffy Nose due to pregnancy)

That beautiful flower in the photo that accompanies this post is the Manuka flower. Source of Manuka honey from the honey bees of New Zealand. Read on to find out what that has to do with Rhinitis of Pregnancy.

During the short life of this blog site, coming up on two years now, this topic – Rhinitis of Pregnancy – has been the most popular.

If you are experiencing Nasal Congestion (stuffy nose) during pregnancy – Rhinitis of Pregnancy – I don’t need to tell you how miserable it can be. For you:  I want to summarize a couple tips for your consideration, and add one.

Note that the term, Rhinitis of Pregnancy, does not necessarily mean that you have a runny nose (rhinorrhea), although you may have that also. But it definitely means that you have severe nasal congestion!

For those who want to have a better understanding of the cause Pregnancy Rhinitis, please take a look at the two previous posts. For now, I will focus on solutions.


As you grow that beautiful new life inside you, all those hormones that are helping to build new blood vessels for your placenta, are also making your nose congested.

That congestion is caused by two things: vaso-dilation (swelling blood vessels) in the nasal lining; and swelling of the nasal tissues caused by fluid leaking out of those engorged blood vessels. Congestion. Sometimes severe enough to completely obstruct your nose.

No fun breathing through your mouth for 9 months!

One of the challenges with Rhinitis of Pregnancy is that most women want to avoid medications as much as possible while they’re growing that new life.

Remedies that don’t require medication:

  1. Nasal saline rinses. The salt concentration of the salt water (saline) helps draw fluid out of the swollen tissues – the nasal lining. This reduces the swelling. If you could stand it, you would want to increase the salt concentration of the nasal rinses even higher, so that the high “osmolarity” would draw even more fluid out of the swollen nasal lining. However, you wouldn’t be able to stand the high salt concentrations – it would burn, or sting. Therefore, consider adding:
  2. Manuka honey. Adding honey to your saline nasal rinses helps in a couple ways. First, it is soothing. Trust me, it feels better. Second, adding honey increases the osmolarity of the solution without adding more salt. That results in better reduction of swelling without that stinging sensation of higher salt concentration. That’s a good thing. The third benefit comes from the natural anti-microbial properties of Manuka honey. Studies have proven that Manuka (more so than most generic honey) helps kill several strains of nasty bacteria, including Staph. and Pseudomonas.
    That beautiful flower above is the one that the honey-bees of New Zealand get to make their honey from.
  3. Breathe-strips. Get some of those nasal breathe-strips to help you sleep at night. These are a simple solution to severe nasal congestion: they are a simple spring in a piece of tape that you stick to the outside of your nose to help keep it open. Sounds weird, works great.

Consider trying these to reduce or eliminate your Rhinitis of Pregnancy. If you have other solutions, PLEASE share them. There seem to be a lot of pregnant ladies out there with this problem!

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  1. How much manuka honey do you add to the saline rinse and do you have to use medical grade manuka honey. What is the difference between medical grade and the stuff from the health food store?

    • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

      Hi Judy,

      Great questions, and I don’t have a precise answer for you regarding amount. I simply use the handle-end of a spoon, dip into the jar of Manuka honey, stick the handle into the opening of the Nasopure squeeze-bottle (salt packet contents already in the bottle), and wipe the honey off inside the bottle. I then add the warm water, shake, and voila’.

      Regarding “medicinal grade” and “regular” Manuka: the medicinal grade honey has ostensibly been tested, and the concentration of MGO (methylglyoxal – a strong anti-microbial agent) has been quantified. In fact, there are apparently anti-microbial agents present in Manuka honey that have not yet been identified or characterized, but the relative anti-microbial strength of medicinal Manuka honey has been tested. This as-yet-identified factor has been labeled the “Unique Manuka Factor,” or UMF. This is the number that you will see on a jar of medicinal Manuka. Here is a link to an article about why honey is such a good anti-microbial agent: http://www.boogordoctor.com/2010/06/honey-natural-antibiotic-pediatric-sinusitis-asthma-biofilm/

      The standard census is that anything above about UMF 12 is pretty strong anti-microbial activity. That’s the stuff that I use. Here is the link on Amazon: http://astore.amazon.com/asktheboogodo-20/detail/B000VJUIN4

      This is the best price that I have found, and is where I get my own Manuka honey. Please let us know if you find Manuka UMF 12+ for a better price!

      Thanks for visiting, and for connecting!

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