Review of Natural Eczema Remedies

Long-time readers of this medical information resource blog (bless you) may know that we struggle with eczema in our youngest son. Here is my first article here on that experience: Natural Remedies for Eczema.

Since then, one of the regular readers of this blog – the mother of a little boy who was “allergic to everything,” and whose symptoms included eczema – contributed her experience with some MORE natural remedies for eczema, and more detail in her article here.

You may also be interested in the article about the Top 10 Foods That Cause Allergies, and the article on 8 Food Allergy Myths.

For those caring for a child (like ours) for whom ANY dairy triggers an eczema outbreak, here are a couple articles on milk alternatives:

Finally, I want to share an infographic with you from the good folks at GoodnessBeeBee sure (see what I did there :)) to check out their organic-honey-based ointment treatment for eczema.

They arrived at this formula based on experience with their own child, and from tediously reviewing more than 250 reports on topical, bath-based, and dietary natural remedies for eczema! Never under-estimate the drive of a parent of a sick child!

Here’s what Justin said about how he researched the experience of other parents regarding natural eczema treatments:

” With all the information out there about different natural treatments for eczema, I wanted to compile a list of remedies that helped people. I wanted to focus just on natural solutions as we wanted to make sure it was safe for our daughter. And so I scoured different forums, various sites where people contributed their thoughts and recommendations on what worked for them. Knowing that there isn’t one treatment that works for everyone, I wanted to leverage the wisdom of crowds. I hope this information can help you and your family, and that some of these help your case.

I’ve combined all the information I’ve gathered into an infographic that breaks down different categories of treatments, and further breaks down categories into individual treatments that people have recommended based on their own experiences. “

As you can see below, his infographic nicely breaks down the votes by category – like “topical cream” or “adjust diet,” things like that. It also breaks down the topical (applied to the skin) natural treatments by type – seen in the middle level graphic. This was based on the reported experience of 184 parents who used topical treatments.

Thanks to GoodnessBee for sharing !!


SO: What has your experience been with treating eczema? Please share your experience in the comments below (“speak your mind”). 

[ Justin’s experience with their daugher’s eczema – and their inspiration for developing GoodnessBee Ointment – is detailed here in an article soon! So stay tuned. ]


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  1. Good article, but you forgot to mention a big one – in both this article and your others. ZINC – zinc deficiency can cause eczema, as well as insufficient stomach acid. By not making enough acid, people don’t digest their food as well, thus increasing food intolerances/sensitivities. Insufficient acid causes the Lower Esophageal Sphincter to spasma and thus allow food to reflux into the esophagus. So often just giving a little zinc to spitty/colicky babies makes all the difference in the world. If children have reflux, white dots on their nails, and eczema, I would recommend zinc.


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