Reducing Your Reflux During Pregnancy: Some Tricks

Xylitol Candies

Sparx Xylitol Candy

Virtually EVERY pregnant woman – and many who are not pregnant – has reflux.

Gastro-esophageal reflux. GER or GERD.

Reflux During Pregnancy

Many reasons for that, not the least of which is that growing life that is crowding out the other things in your pelvis and abdomen, including your stomach. That’s an over-simplification, of course, but let’s agree on this: if you’re pregnant, you are probably struggling with reflux.

Symptoms include:

  • burping
  • heartburn
  • sour tase
  • bad breath

There are many tips and tricks to help reduce your reflux during pregnancy (stay tuned for the boogordoctor’s eBook on this topic), but here is one that you won’t often hear:

Pop a hard candy into your mouth several times per day.


Because it will increase your flow of saliva.

The chemical nature of saliva will help counteract acid reflux.

Because it will increase your swallowing.

The swallowing will keep your esophagus moving toward your stomach, and help minimize reflux of stomach contents back up the esophagus. It’s called “peristalsis”.

What KIND of hard candy?

A couple important tips about the candy type.

First, it should be sugarless. The fact that you have reflux increases your risk of dental caries (tooth cavities). Hard candies like Sparx, based on Xylitol, are the way to go! (Amazon affiliate link)

Second, avoid Mint. Both peppermint and spearmint have an effect on the lower esophageal sphincter that increase reflux.

Give it a try.

Transparency: I have no financial arrangement with Sparx (or Spry, the maker of Sparx candies, based on Xylitol).


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  1. Thanks so much for this post. I still struggle with this as a lingering effect from pregnancy. Will definitely give the hard candy a try!

    • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

      Hi Lauren,
      Thank you for reading, and I sincerely hope that some of the tips here help you achieve optimal health!
      Glad to read (on your blog) that Jack turned the corner. I hope he is well and home now.
      The pic entitled “breakfast for all” makes me cringe. It’s cute, but even the sweetest dog can become defensive and dangerous when a toddler is at eye-level near their feeding dish. PLEASE keep your precious babies away from the dog dish. I cannot tell you how many toddler faces I have repaired after a quick bite to the face by the loved family pooch – even labs and setters, surprise surprise. So please, keep your beautiful babies beautiful and healthy: keep them away from the dog’s meal.
      Stay tuned for a couple eBooks (coming by November, for sure) on Reducing Reflux During Pregnancy, and another on Managing Rhinitis of Pregnancy.
      Thanks for visiting, and be well,

      • That is scary. My husband was right there and grabbed him right up while I snapped the picture (that’s why it’s kind of blurry). We always always monitor them when they’re around each other. That was the first time Jack had ever been around the dogs while they were eating. Although I’m sure you’ve heard those stories before, too.

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  3. Hi my both baby has terrible acid-reflux & is very colicky. She is on medication plus I am giving her hypoallergenic formula, because she had an allergic reaction to milk and soy protein. Any advice would be welcome.
    Thank you

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