Cold and Flu Prevention

cold and flu prevention

Just when you thought you might be safe, that you'd had your last cold or flu for the season ... WHAM, another cold!  Given that there are more than 100 viruses that are trying to give you a URI (maybe as many as 200!), it may be time to review your … [Continue reading]

How to Keep a Health Journal

How to Keep a Health Journal

Welcome back. I want to talk about something a bit off-topic today: migraine headaches. Maybe only a little off-topic, because over the years, many children were referred to me for “sinus surgery” that actually did not have sinusitis. They had … [Continue reading]

What is Sinusitis and What to DO About it?

what is sinusitis? what to do about it?

Hi, and welcome to “ask the boogor doctor,” at Please read my recent note on my gratitude for my readers, and my wish for your Successful and Healthy New Year! The majority of people who visit me here have children who are … [Continue reading]

Happy Holidays, and Healthy New Year!

Russell Faust, PhD, MD boogordoctor, pediatric sinusitis, Happy Holiday / Happy New Year

Wishing You a Happy Holiday, and Healthy New Year! I usually write a brief note on Thanksgiving to express my gratitude for my community of readers here; life got in the way around then, so I wanted to do that now: Thank you to all my loyal … [Continue reading]

Sinusitis Complications in High Risk Children

Sinusitis Complications in High Risk Children, Russell Faust, boogordoctor, sinusitis

Sinusitis Complications in High Risk Children Can Be Challenging! One of the most widely-read articles on this site is my post on the Complications of Sinusitis in Children. I wrote that nearly two years ago; it’s time for an update. Many parents … [Continue reading]

Acupuncture for Tonsillectomy Pain?

Acupuncture to treat tonsillectomy pain

"Alternative" Treatments for Children: You may have already read about the benefits of Yoga for asthma, and my review of Acupuncture in Children, or how it may be used to improve (reduce) asthma symptoms. Me? Acupuncture helps reduce my back pain. … [Continue reading]

Benefits of Manuka Honey Keep Growing

Russell Faust, PhD, MD boogordoctor, research on Manuka Honey

More Research on Benefits of Manuka Honey from 2013: I’ve talked about the anti-microbial activity of honey – particularly Manuka honey – here before: Recent Research on Manuka Honey Benefits, and  Honey Research Update. In the last few months, … [Continue reading]

Autumn: Your Symptoms of Mold Allergy Kick into High Gear!

Russell Faust, MD, PhD, how to reduce your symptoms of mold allergy

Symptoms of Mold Allergy, And What You Can Do About It! Fall. Autumn. My personal  favorite time of the year. Gorgeous colors. Sweaters. Comfortable biking, running, sporting weather. Only one problem: mold. Leaf mold everywhere. And rain. Combined … [Continue reading]

Phthalates in Baby Products: Take These Baby Steps To Protect Your Baby

phthalates, toxins, toxic, baby products

You already know about the dangers of Bis-Phenol-A, and you read about the dangers of Phthalates during pregnancy in my last blog post. But once that little cutie-pie is born, there is still a risk from phthalate exposure. Did you know that many baby … [Continue reading]

Phthalates During Pregnancy: How To Reduce the Risks

phthalates, toxins, toxic, pregnancy

Phthalates: Everyone knows that BPA (bis-phenol-A) is evil: BPA is an endocrine-disruptor. I've written about it here before (Bottled Water: Malignant Indulgence, and Better Living Through LESS Chemistry). We all know to avoid anything that looks … [Continue reading]

Caring For The Child Who is Allergic to EVERYTHING


From the boogordoctor (aka, Dr. Russell Faust): I am honored to bring my readers more from Tasha. You may remember her introduction almost exactly a year ago, with Some Effective Natural Remedies Based on a Mother's Experience. Well, I have been … [Continue reading]

Colic Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding

colicky baby, what is colic, colic

Part 3 of 3 - The Problem May be Mother's Diet: This is Part 3 in series on your Colicky Baby. Whether you are nursing your baby or not, your baby’s diet may be the cause of their colic. But if you are nursing, the problem may be in your diet. This … [Continue reading]