Asthma Video – 3D Animation

Asthma Video Russell Faust, MD, PhD, aka the boogor doctor

Below is a video from YouTube that describes what happens during asthma - inflammation of the airway. I have described asthma here in previous articles as airway "sensitivity." I think of asthma in that way because when I see a child with asthma in … [Continue reading]

Exposure to specific allergens in infants may reduce asthma risk

It's called the Hygiene Hypothesis - the notion that the epidemic of allergies and asthma is the result of our modern fear of "germs." That is, we are just a little too clean: we protect our children from everything; we don't let them play in dirt … [Continue reading]

Asthma SuperStars: Gary Hall, Sr.’s Advice for Summer Camp

Swimming legend, Gary Hall, talks about how kids with Asthma can reduce their problems this summer: This week in our Asthma SuperStars series, we got to sit down with swim legend Gary Hall, Sr. to talk about reducing asthma exacerbations this … [Continue reading]

Video: 8 Home Remedies For Sinusitis

Russell Faust, MD, PhD, boogordoctor

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Video: Suffering From Asthma Cough ? Try 9 Home Remedies

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Video: Otitis Media Animation

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Video: Sinusitis

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Video: Discover how you can fix Sinusitis at home using accupressure

Russell Faust, MD, PhD, boogordoctor

Welcome to share this video to whoever suffer from sinusitis, block nose, sneezing and running nose. How to make your ginger water? you can start with 25g ra... … [Continue reading]

Video: Dr. Oz Show – First 3D High Definition Septoplasty/Sinusitis Nasal Evaluation Performed on TV

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Video: 7 Home Remedies For Sinusitis

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Hi, I wanted to keep y'all up-to-date, and let you know that I will be behind on blog posts for a bit: I will be away from this blog for a couple months: spending time with family traveling; spending time serving on the Board of Directors at … [Continue reading]

Cold and Flu Prevention

cold and flu prevention

Just when you thought you might be safe, that you'd had your last cold or flu for the season ... WHAM, another cold!  Given that there are more than 100 viruses that are trying to give you a URI (maybe as many as 200!), it may be time to review your … [Continue reading]