Natural Remedy for Your Sore Throat?

So now that we’re in the thick of the winter flu season, and it seems everyone around you is sick, it’s time to talk defense. Of course, you are already taking a daily probiotic. Of course you are already doing daily saline nasal rinses. You may even be adding the natural bacteria-killer, Xylitol, to your saline rinses. Well, whether you already have the flu and a sore throat, or you are simply dreading it, it’s time to up your game. Add this immune-boosting, infection-fighting, natural remedy to your daily regimen to help stay healthy, and eliminate your sore throat.

Sore Throat? Immune-boosting Tea

Whether you are already sick, or merely being exposed to the flu in your home or at work, or maybe just feel that scratchy pre-sore-throat coming on, this is the tea for you!

You may even have all the ingredients needed:

  1. a whole lemon
  2. cayenne pepper
  3. fresh ginger (don’t use powdered ginger ‘spice’)
  4. honey (preferably Manuka honey or natural sugar, Xylitol

Please Note:

  • The order in which you make this tea is important.
  • The temperature of the tea at the time you add the ingredients is also important.

You don’t want to kill the various proteins and enzymes by adding them to boiling water! So follow these steps, in order:

To make 2 cups (I like to make mine in a 2- or 3-cup Pyrex glass cup):

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Image: Ginger Tea

Step 1. Peel and chop ginger into pieces. You can slice it into thin chips if you prefer, but don’t mince it: you want the pieces to be big enough that they sink. For 2 cups, aim for about 2 heaping tablespoons. Place the ginger pieces into a 2-cup Pyrex or other container.

Step 2. Heat 2 cups water. You can boil it, but let that cool down for about 1 minute. Pour this over the ginger pieces. Then let the ginger steep for a full two minutes.

Step 3. Cut a lemon in half.

Step 4. After the full two minutes of steeping, the ginger and hot water should be cool enough that you can comfortably pick up the cup with your hands; it should be just about cool enough (but not quite) for you to sip it. At this temperature, squeeze both halves of the lemon into the water.

Step 5. Give at least one –  preferably two – strong shakes of cayenne pepper into the tea. Less if you can’t handle it, but try; more is unnecessary.

Step 6. Sweeten to taste with either Manuka honey or Xylitol (affiliate links). Both have their own unique benefits. (If you use both, I won’t tell).

Step 7. Stir and sip.

Enjoy 3-4 cups per day during cold-and-flu season.

Good for you. Good for your little boogor-heads.

And by-the-way: if you are pregnant, Ginger tea has an extra benefit. Read here to find out How Ginger Tea Helps During Pregnancy.

Do you have a variation on this immune-booster tea? Please share it!



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  1. Roger Marchant says:

    In Australia, when making our ginger tea, we add one finely-sliced segment of fresh garlic to the brew.
    Garlic is an ancient and useful boost to good health, its adds to our immunity while boosting flavour,
    either in a drink or in a pizza or fresh salad.
    Good Health You All !
    Roger, from DownUnder.

    • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

      Hi Roger! I have a surprising number of readers from ‘down under’.
      Thanks for that addition, and thanks for visiting.

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