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Since I like the HDR (high dynamic range) photos so much, I thought that I would limit this list just to HDR pics.  As always, I wish that I had taken most of these extraordinary photographs!

I think that the appeal of HDR is that it more closely approximates in 2D the full range of light that  the human eye actually sees.  That is, if you look at a wall with a window in it, you can see, simultaneously, and in proper exposure, the wall and surrounding room AND the scene beyond the window.  The human eye sends the brain proper exposure data for the entire dynamic range of light – high dynamic range.

The HDR photographic technique merges several images taken with different exposures (usually; it CAN be done with a single exposure) into a single image.  It compresses the high dynamic range into a single image, a bit like the human eye.  It has become more common lately due to the ease with which multiple exposures can be taken of one scene by the newer digital cameras, and due to the availability of several very cool software programs that merge these images.

Well, regardless of the technique, here are some amazing images:

Once again, I want to thank the following folks for introducing me to amazing photo sites through their Twitter feeds:

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As always, thanks for visiting, and see you here next later this week for my regularly-scheduled boring medical blog post.  If YOU have a favorite photo site, or a site with your own portfolio, PLEASE leave a “reply” comment below and let me know!

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