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Crowd Sourcing the Cover Designs

I am about to “publish” a series of e-Books based on topics that have been most popular here on this blog. They include How to Clean Your Air, Reducing Pregnancy Rhinitis, Reducing Reflux During Pregnancy, and Detoxifying Your Life – Better Living Through Less Chemistry.

The problem is that I can’t decide on the first cover. Below are 3 cover designs for the first e-Book in this series, on how to clean your air.

Please leave a comment on which one you prefer, and I will be sure to send you a copy (free, of course!).

I won’t even tell you my preference, so I don’t bias the results.

Your help is really appreciated! I will be asking for your help to decide on the next cover too.

Cover #1


Cover #2


Cover art, How to Clean Your Air

Cover #3


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Dr. Faust and friend

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  1. Denise Goodman says:

    I prefer Book Cover 1, the other 2 are pretty scarey!! Thank you for your wonderful website and all your valuable information.

    • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

      Hey Y’all,
      Thanks so much to everyone for the comments and emails telling me your preference!!!
      It seems nearly unanimous: the first cover wins out. I agree completely. The others are just too disturbing. I designed those at a friend’s recommendation. At the risk of offending that friend, I think I will go with cover #1.
      Thanks again, and I will be sending you all an eBook by email (in the next couple weeks) to show my appreciation for helping me out!!

  2. Cover #1. Covers # 2 andeveloped the book “scary” even though the topic is serious the more relaxed cover is better.


  3. Covers # 2 *and 3 make the book scary.*

  4. Hi…..

    Cover #1 is what most of the ebook covers tend to look like and that tends to pull me , as a consumer, because of familiarity….I’ve been habituated to purchase ebooks that “look” like that , along with that kind of title. (Number of ways to…..).

    However….I actually think cover #3 is the best one. I would just add the word “How” to the beginning of the subtitle. Cover #3 gives the most effective visual message..

    Looking forward to your book!

    Debbie Y in Massachusetts

  5. Tina Innocenti says:

    I prefer the first cover w/ blue and bubbles.Very nice.

  6. Cover #1

  7. Nina Kohn says:

    Cover one. I think the others are too harsh. Good luck!

    • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

      Hi Nina,
      If you’re out there, I have been sending you emails that are bouncing.
      Please update me so that I can send you an eBook for helping out.

  8. Cover #1 for sure. Its clean and simple:)

  9. Cover number 1

  10. Cover #1

  11. #1 by a wide margin. The others are way to dramatic and sensational.

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