Cold and Flu Prevention

preventing cold and flu

Image: Encapsulated Virus Structure

Just when you thought you might be safe, that you’d had your last cold or flu for the season … WHAM, another cold!  Given that there are more than 100 viruses that are trying to give you a URI (maybe as many as 200!), it may be time to review your cold and flu prevention efforts.  In fact, the average adult experiences anywhere from two to four ‘colds’ (viral upper respiratory infections, or URI’s) per year. For the average child, it’s six to eight.

Yeah, think about that for a moment: if your child gets 8 colds per year, and each one lasts a couple weeks, your kiddo is always in one of three phases:

  • they’re coming down with it
  • they’ve got it
  • they’re getting over it

For children, this results in 22 Million school days lost every year. And if you’re like most folks, with two-working-adults to support the family, a child out of school can mean that an adult is out of work.

Add that time off from work to the time required when the adults are sick, and we’re looking at 55 Million lost days of work annually. Impressive. Costly.

Here is an Infographic that outlines some simple tactics to help you with your cold and flu prevention efforts for the remainder of this cold and flu season. It compares cold and flu symptoms, reviews the stats, and outlines cold and flu prevention measures:


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