Clean Your Air: Two More Tips

Even if your don’t have allergies that make you super-sensitive to dirt and toxins, everyone wants cleaner air in our homes. So here are two more tips to clean your air.

Indoor air pollutants are a problem, for several reasons:

  • Once inside our homes, those toxins degrade more slowly (if at all).
  • Inside your home, toxins are no longer degraded by sunlight, rain, and other weather that cause them to break down in the outdoors.
  • In other words: once those toxins come into your home on your shoes, they are there to stay!

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85% of the toxins in your home come in on your shoes

Toxic Dust Bunnies




What to DO about it?

Tip #1.  Take Off Your Shoes

It is estimated that 85% of the dirt and toxins in our homes come in on our shoes!

The Solution:  Leave your shoes at the door.

Use a natural door mat or wooden rack to organize shoes just inside the door.

85% of the toxins in your home come in on your shoes

85% of the toxins in your home come in on your shoes

  • Remove carpeting to reduce hiding places for dirt and particulate toxins.
    All that dust is kicked into the air simply from moving around!
  • Wet-mop non-carpeted floors frequently to prevent dust from accumulating.
  • Minimize upholstered furniture. Use wooden furniture, not plastic (I’ve ranted about the evils of plastic elsewhere).

More tips …

  • Wipe surfaces with damp microfiber cloth. Microfiber works well because small particles stick to the fibers.
  • Don’t use synthetic sprays or polishes when you dust – they only add more chemicals to your environment.
  • Pay special attention to places where infants and toddlers crawl and play.
    They live closest to our floors and to those toxic dust-bunnies.
  • Clean up immediately after home-improvement projects.
    The result of drilling and sanding is more dust – and that dust often contains toxins (lead, fire-retardants, etc.).

Tip #2.  Consider an Air Purifier

Clean Your Air: Two More Tips - add an air purifier

A350 by Alen Corp

The EPA tells us that indoor air quality is routinely 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air quality, and CAN be more than 100 times more polluted!!*

Despite all your efforts to clean your air, you simply cannot remove ALL sources of air pollution in your home – dust mite allergens are just one example. With great effort, you can reduce them, but never completely eliminate them.

Examples of indoor air pollutants include:

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)
  • Pet dander allergens
  • Pollen
  • Dust mite allergens
  • Wood smoke particulates

The Solution:  Get some help from a powered air purifier.

Admittedly the most pricey investment for purifying your air, but many people with allergies and asthma are grateful for their personal air purifiers. Consider placing one in your bedroom, and another in your most lived-in room: living room, family den, TV or computer room or home office.

Which one?According to, the A350 by Alen Corp is the #1 best value in air purifiers.

If you found this brief post useful, stay tuned for the boogordoctor’s eBook Clean Your Air, coming soon.

Also: Here’s a simple infographic on reducing the allergens in your world …


Reduce Your Allergen Exposure / Russell Faust, MD, PhD /

Reduce Your Allergen Exposure / Russell Faust, MD, PhD /


*EPA on indoor air quality:

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image of dust bunnies:


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