Honey Research Update

If you struggle with chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, or chronic rhino-sinusitis (CRS), you may benefit from some of the latest research on honey as a powerful antimicrobial. Here is an update on the research being reported on honey over the past year or so.

GERD in Children Can Be Life-Threatening: Do YOU Know the Symptoms?

Severe GERD in children and infants can be life-threatening. But, unlike gastro-esophageal reflux in adults, GER in children and infants never presents as heartburn! Instead, their symptoms are respiratory: chronic cough, breathing problems, bronchitis, pneumonias, recurrent croup, recurrent sinusitis. The challenge is that these children and infants are mis-diagnosed with asthma. And, the majority of them will see multiple physicians before someone makes the correct diagnosis. Read more to learn about the symptoms, and what to do about it!

Asthma in Children: Infographic

34 Million diagnosed with asthma in USA during their lifetimes / This Number is Growing!! Predicted to be 100 Million by year 2025! / 20 million Americans diagnosed with asthma Right Now / 9 Million children less than 18 years diagnosed with asthma / Asthma responsible for 500,000 hospitalizations per year in US / Children aged 5-17 years miss more than 12 Million days of school per year / Adults miss more than 10 Million days of work per year due to asthma / Cost of asthma nearly $20 Billion per year!

New Hope For Life-Threatening Asthma?

Severe. Seriously Severe: If you, or your child, struggles with severe asthma, there is a recent procedure that may hold promise: bronchial thermoplasty. My clinics tended to attract the children who most physicians had given up on. Or, to be more accurate, the children whose parents had given up on most physicians. They were the […]

The Hygiene Hypothesis: Are Dirty Children Healthy Children?

Is Grime Good For Our Kids? We are a nation obsessed with cleanliness, convinced that dirt is dangerous. We carry hand-sanitizer (“hanitizer” according to my 4-year-old), and we see sanitizer dispensers everywhere: schools, gyms, the library. And that seems reasonable. After all, we transmit fewer bacteria between us when we sanitize our hands on a […]

Reflux During Pregnancy

Nearly every pregnant woman experiences annoying pregnancy symptoms, including acid reflux. What are the causes? Are medications to treat reflux safe during pregnancy? What are some natural remedies that do not require prescription medications?

Quercetin for Asthma, Rhinitis, Sinusitis

Quercetin is a potent over-the-counter, naturally-occurring anti-inflammatory agent. It is the strongest naturally-occurring antihistamine, and is available as chewable tablet for children! Recommended by “Treatment Alternatives for Children” by Lawrence Rosen, MD.

Yoga for Asthma?

Restore lost control of breathing through Yoga. Clinical studies have proven that yoga can help reduce frequency and severity of asthma attacks. Consider yoga for you or your child’s anti-asthma regimen.

Stuffy Nose? Use Nasal Spray or Decongestant? Or something else?

You have a stuffy nose. What to do about it? Use nasal spray? Or use decongestant? What about rhinitis medicamentosa? This article is your guide to clearing that nose, to get you breathing easier! Like right now, without medications!

Introducing Tasha and Mike: A Mother’s Experience

Mothers often know more than doctors. A mother with a sick child has seen and heard it all, has been to many “experts,” and has often tried many “alternative” remedies. We can all learn from a mother’s experience. Introducing Tasha, mommy to Mike, who will share her experience here on this site, on the topics of eczema, asthma, allergies, and some natural remedies.

Pregnancy Reflux: Some Tricks to Reduce Your Reflux During Pregnancy

Ginger is a proven remedy for reflux, with special benefits during pregnancy. What benefits? Read more …

Sinusitis? Stuffy Nose? Wash it Out!

Nasal saline rinses are a simple home remedy that can cure your sinusitis. Studies have shown that another round of antibiotics will not succeed, and may even make things worse. Watch this VIDEO of a little boy rinsing his sinuses for success.