Video: Dr. Oz Show – First 3D High Definition Septoplasty/Sinusitis Nasal Evaluation Performed on TV

Video: 7 Home Remedies For Sinusitis

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Cold and Flu Prevention

Just when you thought you might be safe, that you’d had your last cold or flu for the season … WHAM, another cold!  Given that there are more than 100 viruses that are trying to give you a URI (maybe as many as 200!), it may be time to review your cold and flu prevention […]

How to Keep a Health Journal

How to Keep a Health Journal is key to successfully tracking down the causes (and cures) for your symptoms – whether headaches, allergies, food sensitivities, or other ailments.

What is Sinusitis and What to DO About it?

Questions to be answered in this post: what are the sinuses? what is sinusitis? who is at risk for complications of sinusitis? what are the complications of sinusitis? how do I read a sinus CT scan? what are the alternatives to another course of antibiotics for treating sinusitis? how can you detoxify your home? how can you clean your air at home? if surgery becomes necessary, what do I need to know? And much more! 2200-word Review.

Sinusitis Complications in High Risk Children

Children at high risk for complications from sinusitis include those with immune-compromise (obvious), but also less-obvious diagnoses, including: diabetes, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disease, and ciliary dyskinesia (immotile cilia syndrome). [Review]

Benefits of Manuka Honey Keep Growing

We are only recently discovering what ancient humans already knew: honey is a powerful antimicrobial! Recent research also suggests honey also has anti-cancer and anti-oxidant properties, too! Here is a review of the latest research from this year (2013).

Caring For The Child Who is Allergic to EVERYTHING

From the boogordoctor (aka, Dr. Russell Faust): I am honored to bring my readers more from Tasha. You may remember her introduction almost exactly a year ago, with Some Effective Natural Remedies Based on a Mother’s Experience. Well, I have been pestering Tasha to tell us more about what it is like to have a child […]

Colic Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding

Review of the most common foods in mother’s diet to cause colic in breastfed baby: foods to avoid while breastfeeding. Regardless of the cause, tips to soothe the colicky baby are similar. And regardless of the cause, a recent study found that Probitotics, when compared to simethicone, relieved colic symptoms in 93% colicky babies compared to only 7%!!

Soothing Your Colicky Baby: Tips for Reducing Reflux

Your colicky baby most likely struggles with reflux, or food sensitivities (or both!). Here are proven tips to help reduce reflux, and help comfort your hurting baby, no matter what the cause; to help you, too.

Colic: The Hurting Baby

Caring for your colicky baby, and keeping you sane. Accept that “colicky” is what we call a hurting baby when we don’t know what is hurting. It is frustrating for parents and physicians. Here are some tips to help you cope, and ways that you can help your pediatrician figure out why your baby is hurting.

Breastfeeding Benefits: Does Nursing Make Your Baby Smarter?

Study published recently in JAMA Pediatrics examined the relationship between length of breastfeeding and later cognitive development at ages 3 and 7 years. They measured language development, visual motor development, memory, and IQ. The authors conclude that duration of breastfeeding is correlated with IQ later in life. Just add SMARTER KIDS to the growing list of breastfeeding benefits!