Guided Imagery and Sinusitis?

Dr. Grossan’s book, Free Yourself From Sinus and Allergy Problems Permanently, includes a rare description of Guided Imagery to help manage sinusitis. Worth a read …

Brain-Eating Amoeba and Nasal Rinses?

If you use a Neti pot or any other method for nasal rinsing, you must have heard about the recently reported deaths from Amoebic Meningoencephalitis that were linked to Neti pot use. Is that true? Can I get brain-eating Amoeba from my Neti pot?? Here is an interview with expert, Dr. Robert Tolan, to answer that question.

Some Tips For My Regular Readers (and patients)

Many of my regular readers (big HUG) are also families that I see in my clinic. First, thank you for entrusting the care of your children to me. I see this as a great privilege, and a huge responsibility. And as a parent, I know how difficult it can be to put the health of […]

Allergy Testing: How They Do It

Thinking about getting yourself (or your child) allergy-tested? Read more to find out how it is done these days, and decide which method is best for you or your child.

Nasal Foreign Bodies

.Your 3-year-old is “helping” his big sister (7 years old) clean her room. He finds a necklace of glass beads, and – of course – wonders whether they will fit into his nose. Because he is a little scientist, he performs an experiment, and voila – nasal foreign body. An object that does not belong […]

What to Look For in a Humidifier – An Update

.This is an update from an article that I posted about a year ago, What to Look For in a Humidifier: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly. As we enter the cold and flu season, as the weather cools down and we turn up the heat at home, at school, and at work, nasal drying […]

You CAN Control Your Child’s Allergies

Allergic rhinitis – usually simply called “allergies” – is a chronic illness resulting in stuffy, runny nose, nasal congestion. Itchy, burning eyes and general low energy are often associated. Take a look at those couple of pollen grains and it’s easy to see why your eyes might itch. Ouch! You know all that, or you wouldn’t […]

Minimally-Invasive Sinus Surgery

If your child absolutely MUST have sinus surgery, consider minimally-invasive balloon sinuplasty.

When Your Child Absolutely MUST Have Sinus Surgery

.When Surgery to Treat Sinusitis is Needed. Part 1 When considering surgery for a child with chronic sinusitis … Before even considering sinus surgery for a child, I insist that a strong, integrative holistic medical approach has been tried, and failed. All other options must have been exhausted.  This includes doing daily sinus rinses. Really […]

A Story About a Sugar: The X-Factor

There are few proven ways to reduce ear infections in children. What we hear about – what our pediatricians prescribe – are antibiotics, and surgical procedures. What we don’t hear about are cheap natural products that WORK. Here is the story of one such product: Xylitol. Xylitol is proven to reduce ear infections in prospective clinical trials. Read more to learn how.

THE Single Most Common Misconception About Sinus Headaches

When is a “sinus headache” NOT from your sinuses? When it IS from your sinuses, what can you do about it? Those of us with the diagnosis of sinusitis are familiar with a “sinus headache” – the pain and sense of sinus pressure. We just know that the pain that we are experiencing is from […]

Poll Results: What is Your Method for Nasal Saline Rinses?

Well, the poll results are in. I usually  try to take a poll down once a couple hundred results are recorded. This poll has reached over 290 results, and the results were not what I had expected: What Methods Do We Use for Nasal Saline Rinses? 51% still use the Neti pot, as you can […]