Some Simple Steps to Reduce Your Child’s Nose Bleeds [video]

Reducing Epistaxis in Your Child: _______________________________________ _______________________________________ This video: For More Reading – this Blog: Nose bleeds – Epistaxis: How to Stop It, How to Prevent It, When to See the Doc Part 1 – Anatomy of Nose Bleeds: Part 2 – Nose Bleeds: What To Do? Part 3 – 8 Things […]

Nasal Foreign Bodies

.Your 3-year-old is “helping” his big sister (7 years old) clean her room. He finds a necklace of glass beads, and – of course – wonders whether they will fit into his nose. Because he is a little scientist, he performs an experiment, and voila – nasal foreign body. An object that does not belong […]

What to Look For in a Humidifier – An Update

.This is an update from an article that I posted about a year ago, What to Look For in a Humidifier: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly. As we enter the cold and flu season, as the weather cools down and we turn up the heat at home, at school, and at work, nasal drying […]

You CAN Control Your Child’s Allergies

Allergic rhinitis – usually simply called “allergies” – is a chronic illness resulting in stuffy, runny nose, nasal congestion. Itchy, burning eyes and general low energy are often associated. Take a look at those couple of pollen grains and it’s easy to see why your eyes might itch. Ouch! You know all that, or you wouldn’t […]

When Your Allergic Rhinitis Is NOT Allergic

Non-Allergic Rhinitis Most of the readers of this blog site are familiar with the symptoms of rhinitis: Stuffy nose – nasal congestion Runny nose – “rhinorrhea” Phlegm in the throat – “post-nasal drip” Most of us make the assumption that these are signs of allergies – allergic rhinitis – that these symptoms result from an […]

THE Single Most Common Misconception About Sinus Headaches

When is a “sinus headache” NOT from your sinuses? When it IS from your sinuses, what can you do about it? Those of us with the diagnosis of sinusitis are familiar with a “sinus headache” – the pain and sense of sinus pressure. We just know that the pain that we are experiencing is from […]

Rhinitis medicamentosa

Using decongestant nasal sprays can get you into serious trouble – your nose can become addicted to them. Rhinitis medicamentosa is the result: SEVERE stuffy nose! Here is a review of the symptoms, how to avoid it, and how it can be managed.

Poll Results: What is Your Method for Nasal Saline Rinses?

Well, the poll results are in. I usually  try to take a poll down once a couple hundred results are recorded. This poll has reached over 290 results, and the results were not what I had expected: What Methods Do We Use for Nasal Saline Rinses? 51% still use the Neti pot, as you can […]

Top 15 Posts So Far

This is’s first birthday, so I thought it might be a good time to review what you thought were the best articles here. I recently thanked y’all for making my first ever blogging experience a good one. I have met many friends through this blog, and according to emails and comments, have helped some […]

Rhinitis of Pregnancy – What It Is, What To Do About It

Nearly 1/3 of pregnant women experience severe rhinitis and nasal congestion during pregnancy. Why? What causes it? What can be done about it? Here are the answers.

5-Step Program to Eliminate Chronic Sinusitis (and 1 more)

We know that chronic sinusitis is the result of biofilm-forming bacteria. How can we use that information to treat sinusitis? Here is a 5-step program to eliminate biofilm and sinusitis – for you or your child.

Biofilms and Chronic Sinusitis

Bacteria in “Biofilms” have properties that make them difficult to kill, both with antibiotics, and by our immune system. These properties of biofilms help explain the clinical features of chronic rhino-sinusitis, or CRS. Here are the facts.