Honey Research Update

If you struggle with chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, or chronic rhino-sinusitis (CRS), you may benefit from some of the latest research on honey as a powerful antimicrobial. Here is an update on the research being reported on honey over the past year or so.

Quercetin for Asthma, Rhinitis, Sinusitis

Quercetin is a potent over-the-counter, naturally-occurring anti-inflammatory agent. It is the strongest naturally-occurring antihistamine, and is available as chewable tablet for children! Recommended by “Treatment Alternatives for Children” by Lawrence Rosen, MD.

Stuffy Nose? Use Nasal Spray or Decongestant? Or something else?

You have a stuffy nose. What to do about it? Use nasal spray? Or use decongestant? What about rhinitis medicamentosa? This article is your guide to clearing that nose, to get you breathing easier! Like right now, without medications!

Sinusitis? Stuffy Nose? Wash it Out!

Nasal saline rinses are a simple home remedy that can cure your sinusitis. Studies have shown that another round of antibiotics will not succeed, and may even make things worse. Watch this VIDEO of a little boy rinsing his sinuses for success.

So WHY Do You Have Rhinitis of Pregnancy?

A look at the physiological causes of stuffy nose during pregnancy: Rhinitis of Pregnancy. And what to do about it.

Rhinitis of Pregnancy: Common Myths

Many women struggle with pregnancy rhinitis, rhinitis of pregnancy, or severe stuffy nose during pregnancy. These are the most common myths that I hear from these women in my clinical practice, and the facts!

Allergies and Asthma

Allergies and asthma go together: One-third of those with allergic rhinitis will develop asthma at some time. Even higher in children! Can that be avoided? The answer is yes. Read more to find out how.

Guided Imagery and Sinusitis?

Dr. Grossan’s book, Free Yourself From Sinus and Allergy Problems Permanently, includes a rare description of Guided Imagery to help manage sinusitis. Worth a read …

Rhinitis of Pregnancy 3.0

Most Popular Topic: Rhinitis of Pregnancy (Stuffy Nose due to pregnancy) That beautiful flower in the photo that accompanies this post is the Manuka flower. Source of Manuka honey from the honey bees of New Zealand. Read on to find out what that has to do with Rhinitis of Pregnancy. During the short life of […]

Brain-Eating Amoeba and Nasal Rinses?

If you use a Neti pot or any other method for nasal rinsing, you must have heard about the recently reported deaths from Amoebic Meningoencephalitis that were linked to Neti pot use. Is that true? Can I get brain-eating Amoeba from my Neti pot?? Here is an interview with expert, Dr. Robert Tolan, to answer that question.

Rhinitis of Pregnancy: Allergic Rhinitis, or Something Else?

There is a huge amount of medical literature devoted to treating Allergic Rhinitis during pregnancy. The only problem is – most rhinitis experienced during pregnancy is NOT the result of Allergies!!

Allergy Testing: How They Do It

Thinking about getting yourself (or your child) allergy-tested? Read more to find out how it is done these days, and decide which method is best for you or your child.