Is REFLUX Causing Your Child’s Asthma?

About 75% of those with asthma have reflux symptoms. For adults, that means heartburn, burping. For children, they often don’t have classic symptoms. In fact, asthma or other respiratory disorders may be the symptoms in children. This brief post describes how to tell whether you should consider reflux as the cause of your child’s asthma.

Chronic Airway-Digestive Inflammatory Disorders: do YOU have CAID?

Allergic Rhinitis: 40 – 50 Million in USA with allergic rhinitis 10-30%  of adults have allergic rhinitis Almost 40% of children miss some school each year due to allergies! 12 Million doctor-visits per year for allergic rhinitis! 55% of those with sinusitis have history of allergic rhinitis. Sinusitis: estimated 20-30 Million in USA with sinusitis […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Reflux (and you should)

Nearly half of us will have reflux every month. We usually know it as “heartburn” – that burning discomfort of reflux esophagitis. But our kids usually don’t experience heartburn. Check the 6 symptoms of reflux in children here.

What is the Unified Airway?

In practical terms the Unified Airway Model predicts that challenges affecting one anatomic area of the aero-digestive tract will also likely affect one or more of the other components. Here is the evidence for he UAM, and how to use it to get your kids better.

Saline Sinus Rinses: What Good Are They? 4/4

If you insist on making your own saline solution …

Before I switched over to the store-bought, Nasopure saline rinse system, this is the recipe I used for years:

Reflux and Otitis: Does GERD Cause Ear Infections?

A connection between reflux and recurrent or chronic ear infections in babies and children has long been suspected. It’s a difficult thing to study, though. Difficult to design a study with good “controls”. It wasn’t until recently that real data became available suggesting that, yes, reflux can cause ear infections. Here’s the scoop:

Saline Sinus Rinses: What Good Are They? 3/4

It’s one thing to have someone suggest that you should do saline sinus rinses. They usually won’t tell you how to do them, like it’s something too indelicate to discuss. Well, let’s discuss it now …

Saline Sinus Rinses: What Good Are They? 2/4

Evidence Supporting Saline Nasal Rinses This is part 2 of 4, listed here: Part 1 of 4: Part 2 of 4: Part 3 of 4: Part 4 of 4: Medical Evidence Supporting Saline Nasal Rinses for Treatment of  Sinus A study from the University of Michigan (well-designed, and executed as a randomized, controlled trial of […]

Saline Sinus Rinses: What Good Are They? 1/4

I have been personally coping with allergic rhinitis from the age of 6 or so, and with recurrent and chronic sinusitis for at least 20 years now. Although I was fortunate that allergy desensitization (allergy shots), gave me great relief, somewhere around age 8, I am not completely symptom free. Antihistamines, the standard conventional treatment, were not much benefit. And I hate the side effects. So, about 10 years ago I began using the home remedy of nasal-sinus irrigation using a weak salt water (saline) concoction. This is a method of cleansing the nasal and sinus cavities.

What is Sinusitis ?

Strictly speaking, sinusitis is inflammation of the sinuses ― air-filled cavities in the skull and facial skeleton. Sinusitis often follows infection in the nose (virus, bacteria, or mold), or inflammation in the nose (rhinitis) from some other cause, such as from allergies – allergic rhinitis. Here are the details, with figures.
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