How to Keep a Health Journal

How to Keep a Health Journal is key to successfully tracking down the causes (and cures) for your symptoms – whether headaches, allergies, food sensitivities, or other ailments.

Recurrent Croup

Dear Dr. Faust, Please help us figure out what is wrong with our son. He is 5 years old, and continues to have recurrent croup. Our doctor told us that he would outgrow it by age 3, but he keeps having problems. He requires steroids so often that they are making him fat. What should […]

Is REFLUX Causing Your Child’s Asthma?

About 75% of those with asthma have reflux symptoms. For adults, that means heartburn, burping. For children, they often don’t have classic symptoms. In fact, asthma or other respiratory disorders may be the symptoms in children. This brief post describes how to tell whether you should consider reflux as the cause of your child’s asthma.

The Beattles Helped Invent the CT Scanner

We have the Beattles to Thank for CT Scanners! How The Beattles Helped Fund the Invention of the CT Scanner Back in the late 1960’s, Sir Godfrey Hounsfield was working for a multi-conglomerate corporation, EMI Group. He was an engineer who was trying to figure out how to use x-rays to make 3-D images of […]

8 Dangerous Complications of Sinusitis, But 3 That Can Kill

Complications of sinusitis are fortunately rare. Some of these complications can kill you. Some of them can leave you blind. What are the signs and symptoms? Which symptoms warrant medical attention RIGHT NOW?