Dust Mite Dust-Up

That image is a scanning electron micrograph photo of a group of American House Dust Mites having a party.  These little guys are the most common indoor allergen and trigger for asthma, and they contribute to rhinitis and eczema. Here are some facts, and 12 STEPS that you can take put a damper on their […]

Chronic Airway-Digestive Inflammatory Disorders: do YOU have CAID?

Allergic Rhinitis: 40 – 50 Million in USA with allergic rhinitis 10-30%  of adults have allergic rhinitis Almost 40% of children miss some school each year due to allergies! 12 Million doctor-visits per year for allergic rhinitis! 55% of those with sinusitis have history of allergic rhinitis. Sinusitis: estimated 20-30 Million in USA with sinusitis […]

Better Living Through LESS Chemistry: 8 Natural Alternatives to Toxic Cleaners

Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are ubiquitous – they are all around us, and in us. In addition to allergies, rhinitis, asthma, alterations in our immune systems, and neuro-toxicity, these toxins have been linked to cancer, diabetes, and birth defects. We have recently reviewed how to reduce them in our water and our food. Here are some small steps that will make a BIG difference in your life.

Better Living Through LESS Chemistry: Our Food

Despite being banned in this country in 1972, the pesticide DDT can still be found in many foods in this country. Even “safe” pesticides that are allowed and widely used, are proven carcinogens and have other horrifying effects on our children. This post brings you the GOOD NEWS – some of our food seems to be relatively free of these poisons. Here is how to eliminate 90% of the pesticides from your food!

What is the Unified Airway?

In practical terms the Unified Airway Model predicts that challenges affecting one anatomic area of the aero-digestive tract will also likely affect one or more of the other components. Here is the evidence for he UAM, and how to use it to get your kids better.

Top 10 Food Allergens

Currently in the U.S., food allergies affect 2% of the general population, and 6% to 8% of children.  Many children outgrow their food allergies by adulthood. However, allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, and seafood are seldom outgrown. About 35% of children with moderate-to-severe eczema have IgE-mediated food allergies.  About 6% of children who have asthma […]

Use Plants to Purify and Detoxify Your Air

Interesting story: We have NASA and an asthmatic in India to thank for finding the right plants to detoxify our air for us. That’s right, NASA – the space people, and a business man with severe asthma. And plants also provide us with oxygen as an added benefit. Here’s the story …

The Human Pollution Experiment …

“… OK then, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, we’ll put your little Sally in this box for 6 months, and pipe industrial waste smoke into the box to see how that affects her nose and lungs and stuff. Oh, and we’ll need to take some surgical biopsies occasionally. You’re cool with that, right?
Just sign here …”

The 8 Basic Principles to Control Your Child’s Sinusitis

For most of my sinusitis patients, the doctors have tried everything to treat their sinus troubles. Their parents feel like their kids are an ongoing experiment for those docs. Chronic sinusitis is a challenge. Everyone is frustrated: the child, the parents, the docs. There is no easy answer. No quick cure. Even so, you CAN make things better with a few simple rules. Here are the 8 basic tips that you can follow to improve the quality of life for YOUR little boogor-head.

Thanks ShoutOut

I want to thank “Dr. Hana” for helping put a check mark next to one of my BIG to-do’s. It isn’t often that one of the BIG items on my long (way too long) to-do list gets a check-mark. It is truly remarkable when someone else takes care of the check-mark, with no effort on my part.

Sinus Rinses: if once/day is good, is 4x/day even better?

And other stuff on my mind …

Saline Sinus Rinse Poll Results

We had 66 votes total – not a huge number, and probably not enough to do statistical analysis (thank goodness), but interesting results nonetheless. Here are the results, and some recommendations: