Rhinitis of Pregnancy 3.0

Most Popular Topic: Rhinitis of Pregnancy (Stuffy Nose due to pregnancy) That beautiful flower in the photo that accompanies this post is the Manuka flower. Source of Manuka honey from the honey bees of New Zealand. Read on to find out what that has to do with Rhinitis of Pregnancy. During the short life of […]

Interview with Dr. Janice Joneja

As I promised last week, when I introduced food allergy expert Dr. Janice Joneja, the following is a transcript of my first interview with Dr. Jonega: This is the transcript (provided by www.castingwords.com) Interview with Dr. Joneja. Warning – this is over 3,000 words. Just listen to the Podcast of the Interview with Dr. Joneja. […]

Introducing Food Allergy Expert, Dr. Janice Joneja

Content Curation in Healthcare I am ambivalent about the internet as a resource for healthcare information. On the one hand, it is great to be empowered, to have the ability to find information for yourself about your condition, or for your child or family member. On the other hand, there is just SO MUCH trash […]

Some Tips For My Regular Readers (and patients)

Many of my regular readers (big HUG) are also families that I see in my clinic. First, thank you for entrusting the care of your children to me. I see this as a great privilege, and a huge responsibility. And as a parent, I know how difficult it can be to put the health of […]

Some Simple Steps to Reduce Your Child’s Nose Bleeds [video]

Reducing Epistaxis in Your Child: _______________________________________ _______________________________________ This video: http://youtu.be/hgcSFXZez8k For More Reading – this Blog: Nose bleeds – Epistaxis: How to Stop It, How to Prevent It, When to See the Doc Part 1 – Anatomy of Nose Bleeds: http://wp.me/pR4iB-S Part 2 – Nose Bleeds: What To Do? http://wp.me/pR4iB-W Part 3 – 8 Things […]

Allergy DROPS, Not Allergy SHOTS?

.This is an update of a post on Allergy Drops, or Sub-Lingual Immuno-Therapy (SLIT) that I wrote over a year ago. Simply defined, SLIT is the use of Allergy DROPS placed under the tongue (hence the connection to the pic of Einstein sticking out his tongue) as an alternative to Allergy SHOTS (Sub-Cutaneous Immuno-Therapy, or […]

A Story About a Sugar: The X-Factor

There are few proven ways to reduce ear infections in children. What we hear about – what our pediatricians prescribe – are antibiotics, and surgical procedures. What we don’t hear about are cheap natural products that WORK. Here is the story of one such product: Xylitol. Xylitol is proven to reduce ear infections in prospective clinical trials. Read more to learn how.

Poll Results: What is Your Method for Nasal Saline Rinses?

Well, the poll results are in. I usually  try to take a poll down once a couple hundred results are recorded. This poll has reached over 290 results, and the results were not what I had expected: What Methods Do We Use for Nasal Saline Rinses? 51% still use the Neti pot, as you can […]

Reflux in Children – Causes and Treatments

Review of Reflux in Children: Causes, and Treatments / Remedies. Without medications – natural remedies.

Quit Smoking: Do It For Your Kids

For my adult patients over the years, only 2 methods have worked CONSISTENTLY to quit smoking: hypnosis and acupunture. Here is a step-by-step guide to your success.

Eliminate Your Smoke Exposure

Smoking … Bad … We’ve heard about the harm from tobacco smoke these days – the number of cancers related to smoking or chewing tobacco, the cost of respiratory illness such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD, or emphysema).  We hear about the addictive properties of tobacco smoke, and we see the advertisements […]

Some Facts About Your Air Quality From the American Lung Association

From the American Lung Association, here are some facts about our air quality for 2010. Some of them are encouraging, like improved air quality in most of the worst-polluted cities compared to last year’s list. Some discouraging, like just how bad our air quality remains. The list provides some tips on improving our air quality. Continue reading to check it out …