How To Get Rid of a Fever Blister or Cold Sores?

This is a Guest Post by Ethel Huizar Fever blisters are also commonly known as cold sores – clusters of small red blisters grouped around the mouth and on the lips. The skin surrounding fever blisters is irritated, sore and swollen. Contrary to popular belief, fever blisters don’t appear in a direct relationship with fever, but represent […]

More Natural Eczema Treatments

Baby Eczema: One Family’s Journey Guest Post by father of Nellie, Justin Chan  A huge shout-out and thanks to the Chan family for sharing their experience here! (Our recent Infographic on Ezcema Natural Treatments was generously shared by Justin) When our daughter, Nellie, started getting red patches on her arms and legs at around 6 months, […]

Natural Remedies Kit for Your Home: Essential Oils

Essential oils can provide natural remedies to common ailments that we can treat at home. Those who are interested in minimizing use of synthesized pharmaceutical agents, including antibiotics, will appreciate these natural wonders.

Quercetin for Asthma, Rhinitis, Sinusitis

Quercetin is a potent over-the-counter, naturally-occurring anti-inflammatory agent. It is the strongest naturally-occurring antihistamine, and is available as chewable tablet for children! Recommended by “Treatment Alternatives for Children” by Lawrence Rosen, MD.

A Mother’s Experience with Natural Eczema Remedies

A mother’s experience with natural, home remedies for eczema: nutrition, avoiding triggers, supplements, and skin care.

Sinusitis? Stuffy Nose? Wash it Out!

Nasal saline rinses are a simple home remedy that can cure your sinusitis. Studies have shown that another round of antibiotics will not succeed, and may even make things worse. Watch this VIDEO of a little boy rinsing his sinuses for success.

11 Home Remedies to Treat Eczema (plus one more)

Many children (and adults) with allergies or asthma also struggle with Eczema – atopic dermatitis of the skin. This is a review of Eczema, and description of 11 natural remedies to try at home – instead of more steroids.

Herbal Remedies for Reflux (GERD)

Got reflux? GERD? Want to avoid medications and their possible side effects? Here are some herbal remedies for reflux: A list of 9 natural herbal remedies for treating reflux – GERD (and 1 herb to avoid!)

Pediatric Complementary, Alternative Medicine: CAM for Children

CAM Use in Children? Many of us seek complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) remedies. But how many of us look to CAM remedies for our children? How widespread is CAM for children? It was recently reported that nearly 12% of all children in the United States have used some form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). […]

Reflux in Children – Causes and Treatments

Review of Reflux in Children: Causes, and Treatments / Remedies. Without medications – natural remedies.

Honey – Natural Antibiotic

A review of why honey is such a great natural antibiotic, and how to use it to control chronic infections, including sinusitis.

The 8 Basic Principles to Control Your Child’s Sinusitis

For most of my sinusitis patients, the doctors have tried everything to treat their sinus troubles. Their parents feel like their kids are an ongoing experiment for those docs. Chronic sinusitis is a challenge. Everyone is frustrated: the child, the parents, the docs. There is no easy answer. No quick cure. Even so, you CAN make things better with a few simple rules. Here are the 8 basic tips that you can follow to improve the quality of life for YOUR little boogor-head.