Sinus Rinses: if once/day is good, is 4x/day even better?

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Alternative Medicine Labels: Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Ayurveda

Cruising the internet for health-related information, you will encounter all sorts of terms and claims. These alternative medicine labels are often used to imply superiority of method or approach by whoever is using them. For example, a site might claim that their remedies are homeopathic, or naturopathic, or “natural,” claiming superior results. With no judgment regarding which is superior, here is a description of these alternative medicine practitioner labels.

Saline Sinus Rinses: What Good Are They? 4/4

If you insist on making your own saline solution …

Before I switched over to the store-bought, Nasopure saline rinse system, this is the recipe I used for years:

Saline Sinus Rinses: What Good Are They? 3/4

It’s one thing to have someone suggest that you should do saline sinus rinses. They usually won’t tell you how to do them, like it’s something too indelicate to discuss. Well, let’s discuss it now …

Saline Sinus Rinses: What Good Are They? 2/4

Evidence Supporting Saline Nasal Rinses This is part 2 of 4, listed here: Part 1 of 4: Part 2 of 4: Part 3 of 4: Part 4 of 4: Medical Evidence Supporting Saline Nasal Rinses for Treatment of  Sinus A study from the University of Michigan (well-designed, and executed as a randomized, controlled trial of […]

Saline Sinus Rinses: What Good Are They? 1/4

I have been personally coping with allergic rhinitis from the age of 6 or so, and with recurrent and chronic sinusitis for at least 20 years now. Although I was fortunate that allergy desensitization (allergy shots), gave me great relief, somewhere around age 8, I am not completely symptom free. Antihistamines, the standard conventional treatment, were not much benefit. And I hate the side effects. So, about 10 years ago I began using the home remedy of nasal-sinus irrigation using a weak salt water (saline) concoction. This is a method of cleansing the nasal and sinus cavities.

3 Year Old Boy Hospitalized For Severe Sinusitis: Simple Cure

There are good scientific studies that have evaluated the efficacy of saline sinus rinses. But seeing is believing. At a time when I was only sporadically doing my own sinus rinses (have I mentioned how I detest doing them?), a distant children’s hospital asked me to help them treat a seriously ill little boy, who was hospitalized with sinusitis. Here is what I recommended. Here is how it turned out …

Can Your Child’s Allergies be Cured with Drops Under the Tongue?

Allergic Rhinitis will affect nearly half of our children. Treatment options include: medications that risk changing brain development and sleep or behavioral problems; “allergy shots,” but nobody likes needles, especially kids. So, are “drops under the tongue” an option? Here’s the scoop …

Your Child’s Nose is Bleeding: What To Do Right Now?

Don’t panic. You can handle this. Take a deep breath. Here’s what to do …

Allergic Rhinitis CAN Be Controlled – Here’s How

Allergic rhinitis – usually simply called “allergies” – is a chronic illness resulting in stuffy, runny nose. Itchy, burning eyes and general low energy are often associated. It is estimated that allergic rhinitis affects nearly 50 Million Americans. Over half of those with sinus disease have a history of allergic rhinitis, and it is estimated that close to 95% of those with asthma have rhinitis. Your child may have both too. How to ‘freeze’ those allergens?

The good news – allergies CAN be controlled.