Natural Remedies Kit for Your Home: Essential Oils

Essential oils can provide natural remedies to common ailments that we can treat at home. Those who are interested in minimizing use of synthesized pharmaceutical agents, including antibiotics, will appreciate these natural wonders.

Quercetin for Asthma, Rhinitis, Sinusitis

Quercetin is a potent over-the-counter, naturally-occurring anti-inflammatory agent. It is the strongest naturally-occurring antihistamine, and is available as chewable tablet for children! Recommended by “Treatment Alternatives for Children” by Lawrence Rosen, MD.

Yoga for Asthma?

Restore lost control of breathing through Yoga. Clinical studies have proven that yoga can help reduce frequency and severity of asthma attacks. Consider yoga for you or your child’s anti-asthma regimen.

A Mother’s Experience with Natural Eczema Remedies

A mother’s experience with natural, home remedies for eczema: nutrition, avoiding triggers, supplements, and skin care.

Introducing Tasha and Mike: A Mother’s Experience

Mothers often know more than doctors. A mother with a sick child has seen and heard it all, has been to many “experts,” and has often tried many “alternative” remedies. We can all learn from a mother’s experience. Introducing Tasha, mommy to Mike, who will share her experience here on this site, on the topics of eczema, asthma, allergies, and some natural remedies.

Got Milk ALTERNATIVE? Milk Alternatives From Other Animals

If cow’s milk products are triggers for your eczema, asthma, or sinusitis, you need some alternatives. This is the first in two-part article on milk alternatives. Part 1: Animal alternatives to cow’s milk. Next time, Part 2: Plant alternatives to cow’s milk.

Sinusitis? Stuffy Nose? Wash it Out!

Nasal saline rinses are a simple home remedy that can cure your sinusitis. Studies have shown that another round of antibiotics will not succeed, and may even make things worse. Watch this VIDEO of a little boy rinsing his sinuses for success.

11 Home Remedies to Treat Eczema (plus one more)

Many children (and adults) with allergies or asthma also struggle with Eczema – atopic dermatitis of the skin. This is a review of Eczema, and description of 11 natural remedies to try at home – instead of more steroids.

Better Living Through Less Chemistry: Hope

Sure, we have all benefited from the convenience of chemistry in our lives. But we are all exposed to the toxins that result. Here is a collection of simple steps you can take to reduce toxins in your diet, your water, your air, and in your home.

So WHY Do You Have Rhinitis of Pregnancy?

A look at the physiological causes of stuffy nose during pregnancy: Rhinitis of Pregnancy. And what to do about it.

Rhinitis of Pregnancy: Common Myths

Many women struggle with pregnancy rhinitis, rhinitis of pregnancy, or severe stuffy nose during pregnancy. These are the most common myths that I hear from these women in my clinical practice, and the facts!

Allergies and Asthma

Allergies and asthma go together: One-third of those with allergic rhinitis will develop asthma at some time. Even higher in children! Can that be avoided? The answer is yes. Read more to find out how.