Acupuncture for Tonsillectomy Pain?

The FDA has banned narcotics to treat tonsillectomy pain. This is a review of a study that evaluates the effectiveness of Acupuncture for Tonsillectomy Pain as an alternative to narcotics. These preliminary results are encouraging!

Benefits of Manuka Honey Keep Growing

We are only recently discovering what ancient humans already knew: honey is a powerful antimicrobial! Recent research also suggests honey also has anti-cancer and anti-oxidant properties, too! Here is a review of the latest research from this year (2013).

Phthalates During Pregnancy: How To Reduce the Risks

Phthalates are endocrine disruptors: they are anti-androgens that affect the development of the male fetus. Here is a review on what phthalates are, what phthalates do during pregnancy, and how you can reduce your exposure during pregnancy, and at all times.

Colic Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding

Review of the most common foods in mother’s diet to cause colic in breastfed baby: foods to avoid while breastfeeding. Regardless of the cause, tips to soothe the colicky baby are similar. And regardless of the cause, a recent study found that Probitotics, when compared to simethicone, relieved colic symptoms in 93% colicky babies compared to only 7%!!

Soothing Your Colicky Baby: Tips for Reducing Reflux

Your colicky baby most likely struggles with reflux, or food sensitivities (or both!). Here are proven tips to help reduce reflux, and help comfort your hurting baby, no matter what the cause; to help you, too.

Breastfeeding Benefits: Does Nursing Make Your Baby Smarter?

Study published recently in JAMA Pediatrics examined the relationship between length of breastfeeding and later cognitive development at ages 3 and 7 years. They measured language development, visual motor development, memory, and IQ. The authors conclude that duration of breastfeeding is correlated with IQ later in life. Just add SMARTER KIDS to the growing list of breastfeeding benefits!

Honey Research Update

If you struggle with chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, or chronic rhino-sinusitis (CRS), you may benefit from some of the latest research on honey as a powerful antimicrobial. Here is an update on the research being reported on honey over the past year or so.

New Hope For Life-Threatening Asthma?

Severe. Seriously Severe: If you, or your child, struggles with severe asthma, there is a recent procedure that may hold promise: bronchial thermoplasty. My clinics tended to attract the children who most physicians had given up on. Or, to be more accurate, the children whose parents had given up on most physicians. They were the […]

Children’s Probiotics GONE?

Hi everyone!!  Hope you’re having a wonderful summer. And, a day early, but Happy 4th!! We’re doing pretty well, except that our go-to children’s probiotics have been difficult to find (and here’s why). My regular readers know what a huge fan I am of Probiotics. They really improved our lives here in the Faust household! […]

Missing the Point on Organic Produce

The debate is about whether organic produce has more nutrition than produce grown with pesticides. This debate misses the point! It’s about not eating all those pesticides! The organophosphates that are neurotoxins. These toxins are linked to developmental delay, lower IQ, and behavior problems in our children (like ADHD). So, the question should be: are organic foods healthier? The answer is YES! Eat organic foods because they are healthy foods. If they are more nutritious, as some studies report, that’s just an added bonus.

Pediatric Recommendations: Some Valuable Resources

It’s rare that I endorse products or websites. Here are two pediatric resources – valuable resources that will help you care for your children. These two sites have provided valuable information and products for our own family, and you will love them as I do. “You totally have to check them out.”

Natural Remedy for Your Sore Throat?

Sore throat? Cold and flu? Here is a natural remedy tea, made with ginger, lemon, Manuka honey (or Xylitol), and cayenne pepper. Whether you’re sick or not.