Rhinitis medicamentosa

Using decongestant nasal sprays can get you into serious trouble – your nose can become addicted to them. Rhinitis medicamentosa is the result: SEVERE stuffy nose! Here is a review of the symptoms, how to avoid it, and how it can be managed.

Poll Results: What is Your Method for Nasal Saline Rinses?

Well, the poll results are in. I usually  try to take a poll down once a couple hundred results are recorded. This poll has reached over 290 results, and the results were not what I had expected: What Methods Do We Use for Nasal Saline Rinses? 51% still use the Neti pot, as you can […]

Top 15 Posts So Far

This is boogordoctor.com’s first birthday, so I thought it might be a good time to review what you thought were the best articles here. I recently thanked y’all for making my first ever blogging experience a good one. I have met many friends through this blog, and according to emails and comments, have helped some […]

5-Step Program to Eliminate Chronic Sinusitis (and 1 more)

We know that chronic sinusitis is the result of biofilm-forming bacteria. How can we use that information to treat sinusitis? Here is a 5-step program to eliminate biofilm and sinusitis – for you or your child.

Ask The Expert – Teach Your Child to Blow Their Nose

I often receive emails asking how parents can get their toddlers or children to blow their noses. It can be frustrating – for both parents and their children. And all of that nose goop is just setting your child up for a more serious rhinitis or sinusitis. In this Ask The Expert article, Dr. Hana tells us how she teaches kids to blow their noses.

The 8 Basic Principles to Control Your Child’s Sinusitis

For most of my sinusitis patients, the doctors have tried everything to treat their sinus troubles. Their parents feel like their kids are an ongoing experiment for those docs. Chronic sinusitis is a challenge. Everyone is frustrated: the child, the parents, the docs. There is no easy answer. No quick cure. Even so, you CAN make things better with a few simple rules. Here are the 8 basic tips that you can follow to improve the quality of life for YOUR little boogor-head.

Thanks ShoutOut

I want to thank “Dr. Hana” for helping put a check mark next to one of my BIG to-do’s. It isn’t often that one of the BIG items on my long (way too long) to-do list gets a check-mark. It is truly remarkable when someone else takes care of the check-mark, with no effort on my part.

Sinus Rinses: if once/day is good, is 4x/day even better?

And other stuff on my mind …

Saline Sinus Rinse Poll Results

We had 66 votes total – not a huge number, and probably not enough to do statistical analysis (thank goodness), but interesting results nonetheless. Here are the results, and some recommendations:

The “Ciliopathies”

When those little hair-like cilia don’t work normally, bad things happen. The medical terms are “dysmotile cilia syndrome”, “primary ciliary dyskinesia”, and acquired or “secondary ciliary dyskinesia.” All contribute to ear infections (otitis, mastoiditis), sinus infections (rhinosinusitis), and other respiratory infections. Whether “primary” or acquired, here are some tips that might help.

Saline Sinus Rinses: What Good Are They? 4/4

If you insist on making your own saline solution …

Before I switched over to the store-bought, Nasopure saline rinse system, this is the recipe I used for years:

Saline Sinus Rinses: What Good Are They? 3/4

It’s one thing to have someone suggest that you should do saline sinus rinses. They usually won’t tell you how to do them, like it’s something too indelicate to discuss. Well, let’s discuss it now …