8 Asthma Triggers to Eliminate for Healthy Children

Eliminate asthma triggers to make your home asthma-friendly and allergy-friendly. Identify Asthma Triggers: The first step to eliminating your child’s asthma triggers is to find out what the triggers are. Keep an asthma diary or “log” of symptoms. Try to relate the attacks to the activities, foods, environment, anything that you can think of that your […]

How To Get Rid of a Fever Blister or Cold Sores?

This is a Guest Post by Ethel Huizar Fever blisters are also commonly known as cold sores – clusters of small red blisters grouped around the mouth and on the lips. The skin surrounding fever blisters is irritated, sore and swollen. Contrary to popular belief, fever blisters don’t appear in a direct relationship with fever, but represent […]

More Natural Eczema Treatments

Baby Eczema: One Family’s Journey Guest Post by father of Nellie, Justin Chan  A huge shout-out and thanks to the Chan family for sharing their experience here! (Our recent Infographic on Ezcema Natural Treatments was generously shared by Justin) When our daughter, Nellie, started getting red patches on her arms and legs at around 6 months, […]

Review of Natural Eczema Remedies

Long-time readers of this medical information resource blog (bless you) may know that we struggle with eczema in our youngest son. Here is my first article here on that experience: Natural Remedies for Eczema. Since then, one of the regular readers of this blog – the mother of a little boy who was “allergic to everything,” […]

Asthma Video – 3D Animation

Asthma, and the associated chronic aero-digestive inflammatory disorders (ear infectins, rhinitis, sinusitis, etc), can be challenging to manage. However, in addition to the pharmaceutical treatments that your doctors may prescribe, you also may want to consider the non-medicine solutions: yoga, meditation, herbal remedies, even acupuncture. This asthma video explains the airway inflammation that occurs, and I review the non-drug remedies to control asthma.

Video: 8 Home Remedies For Sinusitis

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Video: Suffering From Asthma Cough ? Try 9 Home Remedies

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Video: Discover how you can fix Sinusitis at home using accupressure

Welcome to share this video to whoever suffer from sinusitis, block nose, sneezing and running nose. How to make your ginger water? you can start with 25g ra…

Video: Dr. Oz Show – First 3D High Definition Septoplasty/Sinusitis Nasal Evaluation Performed on TV

Video: 7 Home Remedies For Sinusitis

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What is Sinusitis and What to DO About it?

Questions to be answered in this post: what are the sinuses? what is sinusitis? who is at risk for complications of sinusitis? what are the complications of sinusitis? how do I read a sinus CT scan? what are the alternatives to another course of antibiotics for treating sinusitis? how can you detoxify your home? how can you clean your air at home? if surgery becomes necessary, what do I need to know? And much more! 2200-word Review.

Sinusitis Complications in High Risk Children

Children at high risk for complications from sinusitis include those with immune-compromise (obvious), but also less-obvious diagnoses, including: diabetes, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disease, and ciliary dyskinesia (immotile cilia syndrome). [Review]