Autumn: Your Symptoms of Mold Allergy Kick into High Gear!

Symptoms of Mold Allergy, And What You Can Do About It! Fall. Autumn. My personal  favorite time of the year. Gorgeous colors. Sweaters. Comfortable biking, running, sporting weather. Only one problem: mold. Leaf mold everywhere. And rain. Combined with the cooler temperatures, the higher humidity is a mold’s best friend. And your worst enemy if […]

Phthalates in Baby Products: Take These Baby Steps To Protect Your Baby

You already know about the dangers of Bis-Phenol-A, and you read about the dangers of Phthalates during pregnancy in my last blog post. But once that little cutie-pie is born, there is still a risk from phthalate exposure. Did you know that many baby products contain phthalates? And, that tender baby skin is great at […]

Phthalates During Pregnancy: How To Reduce the Risks

Phthalates are endocrine disruptors: they are anti-androgens that affect the development of the male fetus. Here is a review on what phthalates are, what phthalates do during pregnancy, and how you can reduce your exposure during pregnancy, and at all times.

Caring For The Child Who is Allergic to EVERYTHING

From the boogordoctor (aka, Dr. Russell Faust): I am honored to bring my readers more from Tasha. You may remember her introduction almost exactly a year ago, with Some Effective Natural Remedies Based on a Mother’s Experience. Well, I have been pestering Tasha to tell us more about what it is like to have a child […]

Colic Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding

Review of the most common foods in mother’s diet to cause colic in breastfed baby: foods to avoid while breastfeeding. Regardless of the cause, tips to soothe the colicky baby are similar. And regardless of the cause, a recent study found that Probitotics, when compared to simethicone, relieved colic symptoms in 93% colicky babies compared to only 7%!!

Soothing Your Colicky Baby: Tips for Reducing Reflux

Your colicky baby most likely struggles with reflux, or food sensitivities (or both!). Here are proven tips to help reduce reflux, and help comfort your hurting baby, no matter what the cause; to help you, too.

Colic: The Hurting Baby

Caring for your colicky baby, and keeping you sane. Accept that “colicky” is what we call a hurting baby when we don’t know what is hurting. It is frustrating for parents and physicians. Here are some tips to help you cope, and ways that you can help your pediatrician figure out why your baby is hurting.

Anti-Inflammatory Nutrients

Many chronic ailments are caused by inflammation. These include sinusitis, rhinitis, and asthma. These also include arthritis, allergies, gout, cardiovascular disease, even cancer and aging. We use drugs to reduce inflammation; drugs that have serious side effects. But did you know that there are natural nutrients with powerful anti-inflammatory properties? Here are NINE:

Honey Research Update

If you struggle with chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, or chronic rhino-sinusitis (CRS), you may benefit from some of the latest research on honey as a powerful antimicrobial. Here is an update on the research being reported on honey over the past year or so.

GERD in Children Can Be Life-Threatening: Do YOU Know the Symptoms?

Severe GERD in children and infants can be life-threatening. But, unlike gastro-esophageal reflux in adults, GER in children and infants never presents as heartburn! Instead, their symptoms are respiratory: chronic cough, breathing problems, bronchitis, pneumonias, recurrent croup, recurrent sinusitis. The challenge is that these children and infants are mis-diagnosed with asthma. And, the majority of them will see multiple physicians before someone makes the correct diagnosis. Read more to learn about the symptoms, and what to do about it!


Hi y’all. My regular readers may have noted some irregular posting over the last few weeks. In addition to the usual distractions of summer, I have been busy transferring this blog away from one hosting service to another, more reliable, and faster, hosting service. After 3 years of blogging here, there are quite a few files […]

The Hygiene Hypothesis: Are Dirty Children Healthy Children?

Is Grime Good For Our Kids? We are a nation obsessed with cleanliness, convinced that dirt is dangerous. We carry hand-sanitizer (“hanitizer” according to my 4-year-old), and we see sanitizer dispensers everywhere: schools, gyms, the library. And that seems reasonable. After all, we transmit fewer bacteria between us when we sanitize our hands on a […]