Optimize Your Prenatal Health, and Grow a Healthy Baby!

If you are pregnant (prenatal), or you are “PRE-prenatal” – that is, thinking about getting pregnant – focusing on your health can help you grow a healthy baby. Just like the flight attendant instructs, “…place your own oxygen mask on your face before assisting others…” In other words, make sure that your own health is […]

Thrive Market ROCKS!

Endorsement It’s rare that I endorse specific products. Readers of this blog know that my family and I are huge fans of Amazon and Amazon-Prime…for both pricing and quality. And that’s why I list the products that we use on an “Amazon Store,” down on the right-hand column of this blog. But we recently joined Thrive Market […]

Common Mold Impairs Respiratory Immunity

Aspergillus. You probably inhale hundreds of airborne Aspergillus spores every day. Of the hundreds of Aspergillus species, fewer than 20 cause human disease. Among these, A. fumigatus is the leading pathogen. For example, in a hospital survey comparing airborne fungal spores with fungal isolates from patients, A. fumigatus comprised only 0.3% of airborne spores, but […]

Honored to be 2016 Winner of Doctor Website Award

Boogordoctor.com Among Best Medical Education Websites ? Pacific Medical Training offers courses to healthcare professionals and medical students. Based on their roster of 50,000 students, they compile a collection of the best medical-education websites, and every other year, they award the ten best their Best Medical Websites Award. I am surprised – and honored – for boogordoctor.com to be […]

More Natural Eczema Treatments

Baby Eczema: One Family’s Journey Guest Post by father of Nellie, Justin Chan  A huge shout-out and thanks to the Chan family for sharing their experience here! (Our recent Infographic on Ezcema Natural Treatments was generously shared by Justin) When our daughter, Nellie, started getting red patches on her arms and legs at around 6 months, […]

Stoked About SacredHerbals.com

          Introducing Sacred Herbals to my community here at boogordoctor.com … I’m so grateful for my readership here, and for your support and feedback. So I want y’all to be the first to hear about a another project I have been working on with my friend, Al Collins. Both of us are “baby […]

Is Autism the Result of TOO MANY Connections?

Normal Brain Development Making Connections During normal brain development, there is an explosive increase in the number of cells – neurons – formed. There is also an explosion in the number of connections between those neurons – synapses, formed by “dendritic spines” – during normal brain development. Pruning Connections At first, the connections seem random. It’s […]

Bench to Bedside: Asthma Heterogeneity, Part 2 – Joseph Arron

Asthma is Complex (video) Asthma heterogeneity underlies the difficulty, the challenge, of developing effective asthma therapy. This heterogeneity – the fact that asthma is complex and a multifactorial disorder – is nicely explained in this video by Dr. Arron. It’s pretty high-level, reviewing the heterogeneity of asthma pathophysiology, but is a great step on the […]

Pure Joy

To witness pure joy in another human is a wonderful thing; to witness pure joy in a baby or toddler is magical. Watching joy in another living being somehow reaches deep into us, connects us with them. To see the surprise and joy in a baby animal discovering something will melt your heart. Watch this baby […]

Asthma Video – 3D Animation

Asthma, and the associated chronic aero-digestive inflammatory disorders (ear infectins, rhinitis, sinusitis, etc), can be challenging to manage. However, in addition to the pharmaceutical treatments that your doctors may prescribe, you also may want to consider the non-medicine solutions: yoga, meditation, herbal remedies, even acupuncture. This asthma video explains the airway inflammation that occurs, and I review the non-drug remedies to control asthma.

Exposure to specific allergens in infants may reduce asthma risk

It’s called the Hygiene Hypothesis – the notion that the epidemic of allergies and asthma is the result of our modern fear of “germs.” That is, we are just a little too clean: we protect our children from everything; we don’t let them play in dirt like we did as kids; we sanitize them with […]

Asthma SuperStars: Gary Hall, Sr.’s Advice for Summer Camp

Swimming legend, Gary Hall, talks about how kids with Asthma can reduce their problems this summer: This week in our Asthma SuperStars series, we got to sit down with swim legend Gary Hall, Sr. to talk about reducing asthma exacerbations this summer.