Brain Foods Part 1

How to keep your brain (and your children’s brains) healthy and smart, through smart eating, smart drinking. Great links to neuroscientist, Dr. Amen, and great nutritionists.

Better Living Through Less Chemistry: Hope

Sure, we have all benefited from the convenience of chemistry in our lives. But we are all exposed to the toxins that result. Here is a collection of simple steps you can take to reduce toxins in your diet, your water, your air, and in your home.

Brain-Eating Amoeba and Nasal Rinses?

If you use a Neti pot or any other method for nasal rinsing, you must have heard about the recently reported deaths from Amoebic Meningoencephalitis that were linked to Neti pot use. Is that true? Can I get brain-eating Amoeba from my Neti pot?? Here is an interview with expert, Dr. Robert Tolan, to answer that question.

Bottled Water: Malignant Indulgence

Bottled water is harming us, harming our environment! Here’s how, why, and what to do about it.

Stop Drinking Bottled Water

This is worth a look. Take your time. Be convinced. Stop Drinking Bottled Water! . Bottled water is bad for YOU, horrible for our ENVIRONMENT!! Don’t drink bottled water. What to do? Use one of those oh-so-cool stainless bottles. Fill it with tap water. Filter tap water if you must (we do). Check out the […]

Better Living Through LESS Chemistry: Food & Water

Bottled Water It’s Embarrassing Americans spend more money on bottled water than iPods or movie tickets! Not that those are expenditures to be proud of. It’s a WASTE Americans churn through 2.5 Million plastic bottles EVERY HOUR of every day.  It is estimated that the amount of oil used to produce those bottles could fuel […]

Better Living Through LESS Chemistry

Most of us grew up (have I grown up yet?) in the age of “better living through chemistry.” That was the promise. Unfortunately, along with the “better living,” chemistry also brought along toxins. This is the 1st in a 4-part series on reducing the chemicals in your life – and in your children’s lives.

STOP BREATHING: Your Air Is Killing You (and what to do about it)

We Americans spend nearly 90% of our time indoors. We take for granted that our indoor air quality is safe. Certainly, our air quality indoors is better than that polluted stuff outside. Isn’t it? Wrong. The EPA says that air pollution indoors may be 100 times higher than outdoors. So unless you can stop breathing, here are 8 simple tips to keep your air from killing you.