Better Living Through Less Chemistry: Hope

Sure, we have all benefited from the convenience of chemistry in our lives. But we are all exposed to the toxins that result. Here is a collection of simple steps you can take to reduce toxins in your diet, your water, your air, and in your home.

You Decide

Crowd Sourcing the Cover Designs I am about to “publish” a series of e-Books based on topics that have been most popular here on this blog. They include How to Clean Your Air, Reducing Pregnancy Rhinitis, Reducing Reflux During Pregnancy, and Detoxifying Your Life – Better Living Through Less Chemistry. The problem is that I can’t decide […]

Poll Results: What is Your Method for Nasal Saline Rinses?

Well, the poll results are in. I usually  try to take a poll down once a couple hundred results are recorded. This poll has reached over 290 results, and the results were not what I had expected: What Methods Do We Use for Nasal Saline Rinses? 51% still use the Neti pot, as you can […]

Eliminate Your Smoke Exposure

Smoking … Bad … We’ve heard about the harm from tobacco smoke these days – the number of cancers related to smoking or chewing tobacco, the cost of respiratory illness such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD, or emphysema).  We hear about the addictive properties of tobacco smoke, and we see the advertisements […]

Some Facts About Your Air Quality From the American Lung Association

From the American Lung Association, here are some facts about our air quality for 2010. Some of them are encouraging, like improved air quality in most of the worst-polluted cities compared to last year’s list. Some discouraging, like just how bad our air quality remains. The list provides some tips on improving our air quality. Continue reading to check it out …

Better Living Through LESS Chemistry

Most of us grew up (have I grown up yet?) in the age of “better living through chemistry.” That was the promise. Unfortunately, along with the “better living,” chemistry also brought along toxins. This is the 1st in a 4-part series on reducing the chemicals in your life – and in your children’s lives.

Use Plants to Purify and Detoxify Your Air

Interesting story: We have NASA and an asthmatic in India to thank for finding the right plants to detoxify our air for us. That’s right, NASA – the space people, and a business man with severe asthma. And plants also provide us with oxygen as an added benefit. Here’s the story …

The Human Pollution Experiment …

“… OK then, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, we’ll put your little Sally in this box for 6 months, and pipe industrial waste smoke into the box to see how that affects her nose and lungs and stuff. Oh, and we’ll need to take some surgical biopsies occasionally. You’re cool with that, right?
Just sign here …”

The “Ciliopathies”

When those little hair-like cilia don’t work normally, bad things happen. The medical terms are “dysmotile cilia syndrome”, “primary ciliary dyskinesia”, and acquired or “secondary ciliary dyskinesia.” All contribute to ear infections (otitis, mastoiditis), sinus infections (rhinosinusitis), and other respiratory infections. Whether “primary” or acquired, here are some tips that might help.

Saline Sinus Rinses: What Good Are They? 4/4

If you insist on making your own saline solution …

Before I switched over to the store-bought, Nasopure saline rinse system, this is the recipe I used for years:

Saline Sinus Rinses: What Good Are They? 3/4

It’s one thing to have someone suggest that you should do saline sinus rinses. They usually won’t tell you how to do them, like it’s something too indelicate to discuss. Well, let’s discuss it now …

Saline Sinus Rinses: What Good Are They? 2/4

Evidence Supporting Saline Nasal Rinses This is part 2 of 4, listed here: Part 1 of 4: Part 2 of 4: Part 3 of 4: Part 4 of 4: Medical Evidence Supporting Saline Nasal Rinses for Treatment of  Sinus A study from the University of Michigan (well-designed, and executed as a randomized, controlled trial of […]