Better Living Through Less Chemistry: Hope

There is Hope: You CAN Reduce Toxins in Your Life

And we’ll get to how to reduce toxins in your life in a moment. But first, brace yourself for a few sobering, scary facts about pollution (I will counter these with solutions in just a moment; there IS hope):

  • About 40% of deaths worldwide are caused by water, air, and soil pollution!
  • About 40% of America’s rivers, and 46% of our lakes, are too polluted for fishing, swimming, or aquatic life.
  • Over 80% of the items in our landfills could have been recycled!!
  • Our bodies contain measurable levels of over 2,000 (yes, two-THOUSAND!) chemicals that did not even exist when our grand-parents were growing up.
  • … and there’s more where those stats came from. Depressing.

And if you check out the links below in Resources, you can depress yourself even further.

Why bother?

Isn’t it enough to know that we humans are making a mess? We are exposing ourselves to toxins. The frustrating thing is that many, perhaps most, of these sources of pollution are not directly under our control.

For example, I can’t stop oil companies from drilling in Alaska (or anywhere else, for the matter). That frustrates me. It saddens me.

But there are steps that I can take – that WE can take – some simple things that are under our control, that can help make OUR immediate environment less toxic.

There is Hope  (cue the angel’s trumpets)

Fresco by Johann Michael Rottmayr (1714)

Hope & Justice: Fresco by Johann Michael Rottmayr (1714): in the Karlskirche, Vienna Austria

That’s what this post is about: You can reduce toxins in your life by following these tips.

I have gathered some of my tips from previous articles (and some of my rants) here for your enjoyment. So you can be up-lifted by knowing there are steps that you can take, that will make a difference.

Don’t despair. Some of these simple steps can reduce the amount of toxins in your food, and in your children’s food, by 90% or more. Ditto for the air in your home. And in your water.

So check ‘em out:

Better Living Through Less Chemistry    This was the introduction to a series of blog posts on how to reduce the toxins in your life.

Stop Breathing, Your Air is Killing You:     This is an article on simple steps to take that will significantly improve your indoor air quality. One of the more popular articles on this site.

Better Living Through Less Chemistry: Food & Water:     This is an article on the dangers of drinking water in plastic bottles, and what to do about it.

Stop Drinking Bottled Water:     This is a great “Infographic” providing the data on bottled water.

Bottled Water: Malignant Indulgence:     This is mostly a rant about how wasteful drinking bottled water is, and what to do about it.

Better Living Through Less Chemistry: Our Food     This is an article that simply provides a list of the most-contaminated foods (the ones that you will want to buy organic), so that you can eliminate more than 90% of the toxins from your diet.

As I said, you can certainly click through to read more of the horrors of our planet’s pollution. For me, that is simply depressing and frustrating, because I feel helpless. My goal with the articles above is to let you know that your own immediate environment is under your control. Knowing that gives me hope.

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Image Credit: Photograph of Fresco by Johann Michael Rottmayr, in the Karlskirche, Vienna Austria (1714): Allegory of Hope and Justice; under Creative Commons License 3.0:

World Pollution: (Rachel Carson’s classic Silent Spring, the canary in the mine that launched the fight against DDT, and saving our environment, back in the 70’s).


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