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Drugs for Asthma Have Many Potential Adverse Side Effects

Below is a video from YouTube that describes what happens during asthma – inflammation of the airway. I have described asthma here in previous articles as airway “sensitivity.” I think of asthma in that way because when I see a child with asthma in clinic, it is unusual that their troubles are limited to only asthma. That is, a child with asthma often also struggles with recurrent or chronic ear infections; recurrent or chronic sinusitis; allergies – to food and/or allergic rhinitis; tonsillitis; adenoiditis; laryngitis … you get the idea. As I have described before, It’s All Connected. So, as you watch this asthma video, imagine that the inflammation process that is depicted in this animation can also occur anywhere in the airway – from the tip of the nose to the bottom of the lungs.

Asthma Video: 3D Animation of Airway Inflammation



Parents of children who have asthma are usually frustrated. The children and their doctors are frustrated, too. Asthma, and the associated chronic aero-digestive inflammatory disorders, can be challenging to manage. However, in addition to the pharmaceutical treatments that your doctors may prescribe, you also may want to consider the non-medicine solutions: yoga, meditation, herbal remedies, even acupuncture.

Check out the links to my previous articles below for more information, statistics, and non-drug remedies:

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I hope that some of these resources help you understand what is happening to cause your child’s asthma (and maybe your own).

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  1. Lilia Golovaty says:

    Asthma can be related to food allergies or food intolerance as well. Diary products, gluten, sugar and many more products are to blame, but doctors know only about symptomatic relief with lots of side effects. For them and for the pharmaceutical companies is important not to cure, but to make chronic ill patients, who have to bye medicines life long! You treat asthma, but not the patient and not the cause. Eve when you use herbs – you use them symptomatic as you use chemicals. Shame.

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