Anti-Inflammatory Nutrients

Inflammation and Chronic Disease:

Perhaps you have chronic sinusitis. Or maybe rhinitis. Or asthma. Or your child does. And you’ve been treating these with antibiotics; and ibuprofen; and antihistamines. Perhaps you aren’t aware that there are natural anti-inflammatory nutrients. That’s right. Here, from Sacred Herbals, is one of their HealthCharts, listing Nine Natural Anti-Inflammatories:

HealthChart, by Sacred Herbals

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It seems that many chronic diseases are caused by chronic inflammation: arthritis, allergies, gout, cardiovascular disease, and others.

And we treat these with anti-pain agents: most of us are familiar with ibuprofen.

But did you know about these other naturally-occurring anti-inflammatory nutrients?

Here is the list of Natural Anti-Inflammatory Nutrients

(in case you are unable to view the PDF):

  • Bromolain
  • Curcumin
  • Flavanoids / Flavanols
  • Ginger
  • Glutathione
  • Green Tea
  • Olive Oil
  • Quercetin
  • Resveratrol

For more, please also read Eight Healthy Herbs & Spices, and also my recent review of Quercetin and Bromolain.

What Are Some Others?

Of course, there are more natural anti-inflammatory nutrients: what other anti-inflammatories are you using? Leave a comment and let me know.

Thanks to Al Collins at Sacred Herbals for generous use of their HealthChart. Be sure to visit their website and sign up to be notified of their launch next month!!

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  1. My name is Cathy Chester and I am a writer and health advocate for people living with Multiple Sclerosis. I appreciate this list and will spread it to the thousands of readers through my blog, An Empowered Spirit ( and the two health website I write for and moderate on Facebook.

    It’s so confusing for us to keep track of all nutrients we need to get for our disease. The MS community is tired of being guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical companies and are turning more and more to natural resources.

    Any suggestions you could provide would be helpful.

    Thank you.

    • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

      Hi Cathy,
      Nice site.
      Agree with your sentiment.
      Please visit and share. I will do the same :)
      Thanks for visiting, and thanks for the link.

  2. I’ve been taking Turmeric supplements and adding Turmeric, Cayenne, chopped up raw garlic & ginger to my soups and other meals. When I feel really congested throughout the day, it really helps! Sometimes even better than my saline spray!

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