ABOUT “… ask the boogor doctor …” website

Our mission is simple:

To empower with knowledge.

Stay Informed.  Stay Healthy.

Our goal is to be the most helpful, respected, and innovative resource for integrative, holistic medical and surgical information for children with chronic respiratory disorders, for the public and academic population worldwide.

boogordoctor.com was founded as an educational weblog for families with children who are affected by allergies, sinusitis, rhinitis, asthma, reflux, and other chronic aero-digestive inflammatory disorders, to provide the knowledge, resources, and tools to improve the quality of their children’s lives.  Our goal is to improve the health of children through prevention, treatment, and management of these chronic conditions – to empower with information.

We follow an integrative, holistic path toward this goal.  Together, you and I will combine the best of conventional and alternative medicine to get your child healthy, and keep them healthy.  The site is provided as an educational weblog containing relevant articles, news items, recent research, and links to resources to help improve the quality of our children’s lives.  Having emphasized this focus on keeping our children healthy, much of the information here applies to adults as well.

By integrative and holistic I mean that we (you and me) will try to combine the best of both conventional and alternative medicine practices. This is an area of medicine that is exploding now, largely based on recent examination of alternative remedies with greater scientific rigor. This was possible by NIH funding of alternative and complementary medicine studies. This approach has become popular due to widespread recognition of some limitations of conventional medicine. Integrative holistic medicine is wonderful from the patient’s perspective – it is better to be treated as a whole person, and not just a diagnosis.

About the Name of the Website

boogerdoctor.com vs boogordoctor.com?  I own both domain names, so it could have been either one.  It all came down to ease of spelling – I can say, “boogordoctor.com, with all O’s” and people know what I am saying (maybe).  I hope you don’t find either name offensive.  That was not my intent.  I just wanted to avoid the overly-stuffy, serious medical blog image.  Even though the topics covered here are serious, and I take these topics very seriously, I will try not to take MYSELF very seriously.  How could I?  I’m just a boogor doctor.