A Couple Great Sites for Healthcare Info


I want to recommend 2 great sites for soon-to-be mothers, mothers of newborns, and mothers of babies in their first year of life (Dr. Greene’s site is for all children, too):

  • www.HealthTap.com

  • www.DrGreene.com

Ron Gutman is founder and CEO of HealthTap, “your Home for Health”. The site officially just launched last month, April 2011. Before HealthTap, Ron co-founded Wellsphere, another pretty cool source for general healthcare information. Wellshpere was acquired in early 2009.

So, it stands to reason that he might put together a pretty cool healthcare site. He has done successfully it before.

Let’s talk a little about the site, HealthTap.com

Image: HealthTap Logo

Image: HealthTap Logo

HealthTap strives to develop a Home for Health that personalizes health information so that you can understand your health, and make the best evidence-based decisions (of course, that appealed to me immediately).

Other features that appealed to me about HealthTap:

  • unbiased expert knowledge
  • shared insights and experiences from the community
  • ability to “rate” the experts, by voting up their answers to your questions
  • it’s FREE
  • the people who work there are passionate about making this a valuable resource
  • that includes the physicians and other experts who volunteer as resources
  • you can use it anonymously – your questions are seen only by your username (anything you like)

How to use the site?

Go to www.healthtap.com and click on “Member Sign up”. You can also watch their video on the home page (easily enough, click on “Watch our video”). They don’t ask for much personal info, and it is safe! It’s pretty easy, and the answers to any of your questions are top-notch. And, like Twitter or Facebook, you can “follow” the experts that you seem to feel a connection with.

Right now, the Beta release of the site, launched in April 2011, is focused on pregnancy and the first year of your baby’s life. The site is so great, so successful, that it will likely grow to cover other areas of your healthcare.

Also, be sure to check out the blog too: HealthTap Blog – http://blog.healthtap.com/

Transparency: I am one of the “Founding Medical Experts” for HealthTap. What does that mean? I simply login when I can, spend a few minutes answering your questions, perhaps write a healthcare tip, and connect with people. It’s sort of a sophisticated Facebook for your medical questions.

This is a volunteer position. I do it because I believe in the potential of social networks to improve our healthcare. And because I have profound respect for the Medical Director for HealthTap – Dr. Alan Greene, Pediatrician and Founder of the DrGreene.com site for natural pediatric healthcare. Be sure to check out his site too!

Image: Dr. Alan Greene's Website

Image: Dr. Alan Greene's Website


Dr. Alan Greene is a Pediatrician at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford in California. He is author of some great books, including Feeding Baby Green (Earth-Friendly Program for Healthy, Safe Nutrition), and Raising Baby Green (Earth-Friendly Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Care). Dr. Greene is passionate about keeping your pregnancy and baby safe from toxins, and being kind to our environment – a passion that we share.

More about Ron Gutman: Ron is also an angel investor and advisor to early stage technology companies, an advisor to Harvard Medical School’s SMArt Initiative, a host of health “hackathons,” and serves as the curator of TEDxSilicon Valley.

Speaking of TED Talks, take a look at Ron’s own TED Talk on the Hidden Powers of Smiling. It will make you smile. And like nearly every TED Talk that I have watched, this one is inspiring, and worth the few minutes it takes to watch. (this one is less than 7 1/2 minutes)

In Summary

If you are an expecting mom or dad, or parent already, check out these two sites, you won’t be disappointed.


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