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Children’s Probiotics GONE?

Hi everyone!!  Hope you’re having a wonderful summer. And, a day early, but Happy 4th!! We’re doing pretty well, except that our go-to children’s probiotics have been difficult to find (and here’s why). My regular readers know what a huge fan I am of Probiotics. They really improved our lives here in the Faust household! […]

When Considering Probiotics, Consider This

Randomized Clinical Trials have clearly demonstrated benefits of Probiotics for certain populations, but what do you look for when looking for a probiotic? Here is a review of the things to consider.

Probiotics: Do They Work?

Do Probiotics Help Restore a Healthy Balance in Our Microbiome? What we really want to know is this: Do probiotics help reduce symptoms of any diseases? Do probiotics help reduce respiratory symptoms of allergies, rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma, or viral URI syndrome? Do probiotics help reduce symptoms of diarrhea or other GI imbalances? Do they help […]

Probiotics: An Introduction

I recently reviewed how our microbiome – the menagerie of living microorganisms living within us – and how the balance of our microbiome can affect our health and well-being in a couple articles here. This article will briefly review the definitions of Probiotics and a couple other terms that you will want to be familiar […]

Colic Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding

Review of the most common foods in mother’s diet to cause colic in breastfed baby: foods to avoid while breastfeeding. Regardless of the cause, tips to soothe the colicky baby are similar. And regardless of the cause, a recent study found that Probitotics, when compared to simethicone, relieved colic symptoms in 93% colicky babies compared to only 7%!!

Natural Remedy for Your Sore Throat?

Sore throat? Cold and flu? Here is a natural remedy tea, made with ginger, lemon, Manuka honey (or Xylitol), and cayenne pepper. Whether you’re sick or not.

Sinusitis? Stuffy Nose? Wash it Out!

Nasal saline rinses are a simple home remedy that can cure your sinusitis. Studies have shown that another round of antibiotics will not succeed, and may even make things worse. Watch this VIDEO of a little boy rinsing his sinuses for success.

Some Tips For My Regular Readers (and patients)

Many of my regular readers (big HUG) are also families that I see in my clinic. First, thank you for entrusting the care of your children to me. I see this as a great privilege, and a huge responsibility. And as a parent, I know how difficult it can be to put the health of […]

Our Health and Our Microbiome: A Matter of Balance

It’s a Matter of Balance. A couple weeks ago I talked about the complex universe of non-human life living within us – our microbiome: Paradigm Shifting Without A Clutch. These bacteria, archaea (single-cell life form separate from bacteria), viruses, and fungi that comprise our microbiome mostly live in harmony with us. They do us no […]

Reflux in Children – Causes and Treatments

Review of Reflux in Children: Causes, and Treatments / Remedies. Without medications – natural remedies.


The following is a short list of articles that I have published in medical journals, and some of the more popular articles from this blog – all in PDF format. The articles from medical journals are at the bottom of the page. The best way to open them is to right-click on the highlighted (underlined) […]

The 8 Basic Principles to Control Your Child’s Sinusitis

For most of my sinusitis patients, the doctors have tried everything to treat their sinus troubles. Their parents feel like their kids are an ongoing experiment for those docs. Chronic sinusitis is a challenge. Everyone is frustrated: the child, the parents, the docs. There is no easy answer. No quick cure. Even so, you CAN make things better with a few simple rules. Here are the 8 basic tips that you can follow to improve the quality of life for YOUR little boogor-head.