8 Reasons To See a Physician For Your Child’s Nose Bleeds

  1. If bleeding does not stop within 20 minutes despite squeezing/pinching the nose, go to urgent care or emergency department
  2. If you or your relatives have severe nose bleeds and your child seems to be having a similar problem – it may be an inherited condition – time to see a doc
  3. If your child bruises easily or bleeds easily from injuries, nose bleeds may be a sign of coagulopathy – a blood clotting disorder
  4. If your child has a known coagulopathy or clotting disorder and has nose-bleeds
  5. If your child is having worsening nose bleeds – increasing in frequency or increasingly difficult to control them
  6. If your child is having a combination of nose bleeds and nasal obstruction – this may be a sign of severe allergies, a foreign body in the nose (piece of candy, toy, whatever), or even a nasal tumor
  7. If your child has chronic nasal inflammation (rhinitis), or recurrent sinusitis, these conditions can make their nose prone to bleeding, and appropriate treatment can help reduce or eliminate the problem
  8. If your child is throwing up blood

Yeah, I know, it’s a list of 8 reasons, but here’s #9 – the biggest reason of all.  I didn’t count this one ’cause you already know it: You are crazy-mad in love with your kid(s)!  And you don’t want anything bad to ever happen to them.  So if they match anything on this list, get ’em checked out.  We’ll both feel better.


Together, in this 4-part series we have reviewed (1) the anatomy of nose bleeds, (2) what to do when your child’s nose is bleeding, (3) things that you can do to reduce your child’s nose bleeds, and (4) reasons to see a doc.

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There you have it … the opinion of a simple pediatric boogor doctor for managing nose bleeds, and hopefully eliminating them from your child’s life.  See you here next week as we review what to look for in a humidifier – one of the keys to your success in putting an end to those nose bleeds.

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  1. Hello doctor,
    My son has been having blood tinged mucus after nasal rinsing with nasopure for a couple of days. Your thoughts on it and what do I do?

    • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

      Hi Priya,
      It all depends – on his age, how often you are doing rinses and for how long, whether you are doing the rinses for treating a sinus infection or merely to maintain health, etc.
      Of course, I cannot diagnose the situation without a face-to-face visit. My recommendation is to see your physician. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  2. My daughter is 8 and has nose bleeds and on a normal they stop with in about 15 mins. She has had 2 nose bleeds that are concerning because they are lasting longer and are getting worse. She has passed quarter to half dollar size blood clots the last two times, she complains of headaches and she feel stopped up all the time. She has started to get them more often. I have a humidifier, I use Vaseline and nasal sprays. Alternating them of course. This last one lasted for over an hour. Should I take her in to a ENT dr or am I doing all I can for her?

    • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

      Hi Bobbie:
      Sounds like you are doing a great job, but yes, it’s time for an ENT doc to see your daughter.
      At the least, you will be reassured, and they are likely to help fix the problem for her.
      Thanks for sharing, and best success!

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