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  1. Anne Munir says:

    Can chronic maxillary sinusitis of pseudomonas cause osteomyelitis of the cheeckbone? I can’t shake pseudomonas even after 2 FESS surgeries and my ENT surgeon thinks it is in the bone. What to do?

    • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

      Yes, Anne. In fact, chronic sinusitis can result in osteomyelitis from many different bacteria, not just pseudomonas. Osteomyelitis – infection of the bone – can sometimes require prolonged intravenous antibiotics, hospitalization, and even surgical removal of the infected bone. It may be time to request referral to an infectiour disease (ID) specialist, or another ENT for an additional opinion … more smart heads thinking together. Your health depends on it. Anyone taking offense that you are pursuing other expert opinions, is simply insecure or overly sensitive. In my own practice, any time I recommended surgery, or was facing a challenging medical condition, I strongly advised another opinion. Thank you for visiting, and for sharing. Please give me updates! Best success.

  2. Anne Munir says:

    Doctor thank you for your advice. I have in fact been to an ID doctor 3 to 4 times since my first FESS surgery in April 2014. She thought it was best to stop all antibiotics because I had been on multiple courses prior to surgery. She felt surgery opened the left maxillary sinus and the pseudomonas would eventually clear on its own. The culture done during surgery showed Levoquin was now only intermediate sensitivity to pseudomonas. A debridement was done in August 2014 with installation of, I believe, Tobramycin into the maxillary sinus cavity. It was clear for a while but another check up in December 2014 showed the left maxillary sinus was colonized with pseudomonas but it was not cultured at that time. I don’t feel sick. I do my sinus rinses with Manuka honey. The ENT doctor wants to weekly instill antibiotic into the sinus cavity for 6 weeks. He said CT scan won’t show if it’s in the bone; only will know if the bone is scraped. Do you think this will work or should go back to ID doctor and get on IV antibiotics?

    • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

      Hi Anne,
      Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing what will work without knowing your medical history in detail, without having reviewed your images and laboratory data, and without a thorough exam. Best advice: find a physician or team that you trust, and go with their recommendations. And it’s never a bad thing to obtain another opinion.

      • Anne Munir says:

        Thank you doctor for your good advice. I have an appointment with another ENT doctor for a second opinion. Also, I talked to the ID doctor and she has such a steady and calming approach that it dissipates my panic about my situation. I had lab work done and all was normal. Yeah!!! Next week another CT scan to see if there is bony erosion. Do most patients eventually overcome pseudomonas in your experience?

        • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

          Nice. I agree: the affect of your doc makes all the difference. Calming and reassuring are always great “bedside traits.” Yes, most people do overcome pseudomonas infections. People with particular ailments need to work harder than others: those with severe or uncontrolled diabetes or cystic fibrosis will be more challenged by some infections. Glad things are working out for you. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Anne Munir says:

    Is Manuka honey effective in killing fungus?

    • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

      Hi Anne,

      GREAT question. Yes, Manuka is broadley anti-microbial, including anti-fungal. However, it seems that Manuka is a stronger anti-bacterial agent than anti-fungal agent. Please do an online search for “is manuka honey anti-fungal” for some great links. And thank you for sharing that question.

    • Anne, & others, Look at the research out of UCSF in 2012 showing effective treatment of chronic RS by inserting the right probiotic up into the nose. I am doing this myself having endured painful sinus infection (cultured as pseudomonas) that was unresponsive to other methods. I got relief in less than 15 minutes, and this has held and improved for over 3 weeks. Also, essential oil of BASIL kills strains of pseudomonas. My naturopath has me put one drop of basil oil, diluted with carrier oil on q tip up my nose 2 or 3 X in morn; then, in later aft/eve 1) neti pot with probiotic, 2) ingest the probiotic after eve meal, and 3) sniff up my nose 20B, each nostril of the same probiotic. I use a 2″ straw to do this. I also do a lot of other healthy things, but this sniffing the probiotic up my nose, after reading the UCSF article is what immediately stopped all the facial pain, etc.

      • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

        Thanks for sharing, Carol.

      • Gosh – thanx so much for this info
        Wot probiotic do u sniff up your nose ?

        • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

          I don’t sniff ANY probiotics up my nose. Probiotics are ingested in a pill or capsule form, and stimulate the “Gut-Associated-Lymphatic-Tissue – GALT.” That interaction between the probiotics and your GALT stimulate your entire body’s immune system.
          Thanks for visiting, and for your question.

  4. Hi Dr. Faust,
    I have been suffering from chronic sinusitis for the last couple of years. I always had this heavy head, groggy/dizzy feeling without any mucus discharge from nose or throat. I had tried everything antibiotics, balloon sinuplasty, sinus rinising etc. I didn’t see any benefit from antibiotics. I tested negative to most allergens except mild sensitivity to mold. Balloon sinuplasty didn’t help me too, but the ENT specialist noticed a huge number of polypoids in almost all of my sinuses. I didn’t see much benefit from sinus rinsing when I used the squirt bottle, tried honey in my rinses, tried manuka honey, tried baby shampoo in my rinses, but I did see a difference when I used Pulse Nasal irrigator (around 20% improvement in my symptoms) with plain salt water. Now I am doing 80% better. I want to share my experience if it could help other people who are suffering like me. I do yoga everyday. Nasal breathing (pranayama) and Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutations) helped me a lot. After using pulse nasal irrigation for 6 months, I started the practice of Nasal Flossing (Sutra Neti, a yogic practice) where I use a sterilized medical grade rubber catheter (3mm) and insert it into my nostril and pull it out of my throat and perform the flossing action. It has been 2 months since I started Sutra Neti, and I am feeling 80% better. I also use Ponaris nasal emollient on extremely dry Texas summer/winter days. I have finally got my life back.

    • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

      Hi Ramya,

      I am aware of the Sutra Neti practice of drawing a string through the nasal passages for nasal hygiene; I have never tried it myself, and I would be surprised if most Americans would consider such a practice. But I applaud your courage for trying it! If only more chronic sinusitis patients would even do regular nasal saline rinses, most of them would improve.

      Congratulations to you for finally conquering your chronic sinusitis! It IS a huge relief!
      Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Best health to you.

  5. Dr. Faust,
    What do you feel about Serrapeptase for children with chronic sinusitis ? My two children both have chronically inflamed turbinates and end up with blocked, dry noses and crusty mucous stuck in their noses that has to be loosened with saline spray. My 9 year old also ends up with regular nosebleeds. Our family Dr. has not been very helpful and the wait time to see a pediatric ENT again where I am in Canada is 7 months…..we still have to wait until January 2016. In any case, I am tired of seeing my children suffer and have read some interesting information on Serrapaptase and sinus ailments. Would you have any feedback on this supplement and its use in children ? Feeling very discouraged…..thanks very much for your time.

    • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

      Hi Karen,

      I’m sorry to say that I have no experience with Serrapeptase for sinusitis. Some review of results from clinical trials ( suggests that Serrapeptase has proven to help reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain for some conditions. I was able to find only a couple references to Serrapeptase for sinusitis, and those were either old (1970’s) or published in journals of questionable validity.

      Please come back to share your experience if you decide to give it a try.
      Thanks so much for taking time to write, and best success!

  6. Hi Dr. Faust,
    I have a had history of chronic sinus infections that include congestion, pain, etc. For the past few weeks, however, I have been experiencing something different: pain in my right sinuses mainly at night WITHOUT congestion or any other symptoms other than fatigue and what felt like a fever on a few occasions. Can this still be an infection even though the only symptom is pain? The pain radiates sharply from my right nostril when I breathe in and tingles into my right cheek and sometimes my ear. I am not sure if it’s an infection or an anatomical issue, as I recently experienced a minor injury around the bridge of my nose (did not inhibit breathing or cause obstruction)..thank you in advance for your time!

    • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

      Hi Mary: I’m so sorry, but anything is possible without knowing more and performing a head & neck exam – both of which are simply not possible over the internet. My best advice is to find a physician that you can trust, preferably one with a big-picture, holistic approach and the ability to answer your questions. Best success.

  7. Bill Rosensky says:

    Hi, Dr. Faust
    I have chronic sinusitiis. On the recommendation of my Dr. I have purchased a Sinupulse.
    If I understand correctly I am to use a solution of Manuka honey, xylitol, kosher salt and
    baby shampoo and distilled water in the sinupulse. We are fighting a fungus. Do you have a recommendation as to how much of these ingredients to use. Will it clog the sinupulse? Bill

    • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

      Hi Bill:

      I would not use all of those in each rinse.
      You will find recipes on this site: search in the search box for “rinse,” “recipe,” “xylitol,” and “manuka.”
      Thank you, and please keep me updated.

  8. My son has had a chronic sinus infection (he’s 9 years old) and with multiple rounds of antibiotics improves some but as soon as he’s off the antibiotics it comes back. ENT is suggesting surgery and he has had his immune system checked, said it was slightly low but nothing to be concerned about and they are not treating him for it. We do nasal rinse with the pulse irrigation system. Any suggestions on killing the staph bacteria.

    • Russell A. Faust, PhD, MD says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      Please search this site for “saline nasal rinse” to see options for additives that have demonstrated efficacy against staph and other pathogens – baby shampoo, Xylitol and Manuka honey.
      What sort of surgery is being recommended?

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