Rhinitis of Pregnancy 3.0

nasal congestion during pregnancy rhinitis

Most Popular Topic: Rhinitis of Pregnancy (Stuffy Nose due to pregnancy) That beautiful flower in the photo that accompanies this post is the Manuka flower. Source of Manuka honey from the honey bees of New Zealand. Read on to find out what that has … [Continue reading]

Rhinitis of Pregnancy – What It Is, What To Do About It

Nasal Congestion During Pregnancy Rhinitis

(be sure to see links to more articles on Rhinitis of Pregnancy at the end) Miracles Yes, growing a new human inside you is a miracle, one of life’s wonders. Something to cherish, and we men envy this about you. You –  woman – are … [Continue reading]

Honey – Natural Antibiotic

Image: Honey: Nature's Antibiotic

You may have noticed that your honey never seems to develop mold or bacterial contamination, even when it isn’t refrigerated after opening.  We now know why this is: honey has innate anti-microbial activity. Cool. Honey is a natural antibiotic! Read … [Continue reading]

Make Your Home Allergy-Friendly: Steps to Take Now

scanning electron micrograph of pollen (colorized)

Some of us experience allergies sometime during our lives ... the majority of us, in fact. Allergies are more than a nuisance: they can contribute to asthma or sinusitis. So what to do about allergies? What can be done to reduce the triggers - … [Continue reading]

Bench to Bedside: Asthma Heterogeneity, Part 2 – Joseph Arron

Asthma is Complex (video) Asthma heterogeneity underlies the difficulty, the challenge, of developing effective asthma therapy. This heterogeneity - the fact that asthma is complex and a multifactorial disorder - is nicely explained in this video by … [Continue reading]

Pure Joy

Pure Joy Biking

To witness pure joy in another human is a wonderful thing; to witness pure joy in a baby or toddler is magical. Watching joy in another living being somehow reaches deep into us, connects us with them. To see the surprise and joy in a baby animal … [Continue reading]

Asthma Video – 3D Animation

Asthma Video Russell Faust, MD, PhD, aka the boogor doctor

Below is a video from YouTube that describes what happens during asthma - inflammation of the airway. I have described asthma here in previous articles as airway "sensitivity." I think of asthma in that way because when I see a child with asthma in … [Continue reading]

Exposure to specific allergens in infants may reduce asthma risk

It's called the Hygiene Hypothesis - the notion that the epidemic of allergies and asthma is the result of our modern fear of "germs." That is, we are just a little too clean: we protect our children from everything; we don't let them play in dirt … [Continue reading]

Treating Asthma With Plants vs. Supplements?

What are the best "natural" treatments for Asthma? Interesting video on some options:   … [Continue reading]

Asthma SuperStars: Gary Hall, Sr.’s Advice for Summer Camp

Swimming legend, Gary Hall, talks about how kids with Asthma can reduce their problems this summer: This week in our Asthma SuperStars series, we got to sit down with swim legend Gary Hall, Sr. to talk about reducing asthma exacerbations this … [Continue reading]

Video: 8 Home Remedies For Sinusitis

Russell Faust, MD, PhD, boogordoctor

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Video: Suffering From Asthma Cough ? Try 9 Home Remedies

bronchial thermoplasty, severe asthma, reactive airway

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Video: Otitis Media Animation

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Video: Sinusitis

Russell Faust, MD, PhD, boogordoctor

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Video: Discover how you can fix Sinusitis at home using accupressure

Russell Faust, MD, PhD, boogordoctor

Welcome to share this video to whoever suffer from sinusitis, block nose, sneezing and running nose. How to make your ginger water? you can start with 25g ra... … [Continue reading]